Wednesday 18 April 2018

Out and About

We didn't accomplish much today, but we didn't intend to either.   We are here to spend time with family and that is what we are doing.  Gord and Sheri had to run a bunch of errands today so we climbed in with them for the ride.  We went to a butcher shop in Bentley and then on to Walmart in Sylvan Lake.  Its funny that I always check to see if they are RV friendly. lol

The kids showed us the Albino Bison on a farm near Sylvan. They have camels as well, but I wasn't fast enough with the camera.

Back home and Sheri took Charlie and Libby for a little walk outside the hotel.  The snow was nice and sticky, just right for a snow man, but the kids were not around to build one.

Then supper with the gang in the Ponderosa.  Its a little crowded with 8 people and 2 dogs but we managed.

A few of us
The view out our window tonight is a pretty sunset.  It reminded us of the many beautiful sunsets we witnessed this winter in Arizona.

Our Location today:  Best Western Hotel, Lacombe Alberta, Canada


  1. Similar to the Arizona sunsets except that bit of snow one can see on the ground.

    Your daughter looks to be enjoying herself immensely, I'll bet she has quite the sense of humour.

    Looks like a great day. Family is usually pretty fun!
    Stay warm.

    1. She sort of has my sense of humour and likes to use it a lot. lol

  2. As usual I am way behind in getting caught up on blogs. First.....welcome back to the snow and ice they call Spring here this year. Second....belated happy birthday. Third.....if you have had enough family time let us know. We can grab lunch together. We haven't had a chance to sit down with you and chat.
    Enjoy your time in Lacombe!

  3. How well do camels tolerate the cold?

    1. Well its spring and they are still here!!! Can't say they were not chilly at times though. lol

  4. Your choice of photos for these posts are just lovely father dear :P


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