Monday 2 April 2018

Scrambled Eggs

We headed into Vegas today to check out some restaurant supply places.  As you can imagine there are a lot of these because of the huge number of restaurants in the city.  There are some that are as big as a Costco and only handle used equipment.  I guess they buy up all the stuff that the restaurants change out, most of which is still in good shape.  It is piled on shelves right to the roof.

We were looking for a few things for CJ's back home.  We need a stainless steel prep table and have priced them out at about 500 bucks at home.  We picked one up here for 240 bucks so even with exchange it is a good deal.

Sue got some other good deals and she even picked up a nice pizza cooker.  Does that mean she has plans for some additions to the menu at CJ's???  Mmmmmm

Next stop was O'Reilly's to pick up a new radiator cap.  I have noticed the coolant flowing back into the expansion tank more than normal lately.  I thought maybe the new water pump would solve the problem but it didn't, so I will try a new cap. 

Then we made a stop at Costco for some stuff.  I was in charge of loading the groceries into the Jeep and failed miserably.  I guess we will have scrambled eggs.

We managed to save 7 of the 24 eggs.  My dad used to say "there is no use crying over spilled milk" but I think I could change that to "no use crying over broken eggs!!!"

We got home in time to participate in the end of happy hour.  Ariane had dropped over to say goodbye to us as they will be leaving tomorrow.  We hope you and Micheal have safe travels and it was great seeing you again.

The view from our window today:

Our Location Today: Government Wash Road NV, near Las Vegas NV. 36.1257 -114.8342


  1. Well at least you broke all those eggs outside, I dropped six inside the RV and it took me forever to clean them up! It would have been a lot of fun shopping in the restaurant supply store. We used to have a very large outdoor kitchen and I often went to those types of stores to buy pieces for it.

  2. We tend to get carried away in those stores.

  3. Well I guess putting all your eggs in one jeep wasn't an option. ;) Good job, at least you saved 7.

    Love the pizza oven, would like one of those myself but the Igloo is too small for such a thing.

    Enjoy your time there.

  4. Looks like you hit the jackpot at the supply store! good for you!
    Broken eggs, i agree with Maxx Trails........better outside than inside, what a mess that would be!


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