Saturday 3 March 2018

A Shave and a Haircut --- Ten Bucks!!

The girls have been planning a girls shopping trip for a while now.   Today was the day, and they were heading to El Centro to get every bargain that might be available.   At one point in the day I received a text that said "I just saved $288.00!"  Well I knew in an instant we were going to be rich!!!  Us guys were left to our own devices and opted to head into Holtville for lunch and haircuts.  We stopped at the favourite Mexican food restaurant, D' Lapita's.

It was a great restaurant with authentic Mexican and we enjoyed it very much.  Only problem was that Harold was smart enough to order a burrito off the menu which was just the right amount of food for lunch.  Ed and I asked the waitress what she recommended and she suggest carne something!  Being a beef lover I said I would have that and so did Ed.  When it came there were 2 nice slabs of beef with beans and salad and peppers and tacos.  Burp!!!!  Did we ever pig out!!!  15 bucks worth of pig out, but we did save on supper because we were not hungry even by then!!

Harolds burrito and Eds full dinner!!!
 After lunch we headed over to the Parkview barber shop to get our hair cuts. A couple of young hair stylists fixed us right up.  We will not need another hair cut for a while.

On the way home we noticed that the buses that were at the hot springs yesterday were still there.  It looks like some young families who maybe work in the fields, and they have decided to use the hot springs for the weekend.  The buses reminded me of my hippie days, when it was all love and peace and stuff.  Come to think of it, I guess we go full circle, because we are all about love and peace and stuff now too!!!

We even noticed that a trucker had stopped by for a dip.  I'm surprised that more long haul drivers don't stop by to relax their aching backs in the pool because I-8 is only 100 feet from the springs.

We had a few games of ladder ball and I think the girls were the winners.  We will have a grudge match later I'm sure.

The view from our window tonight is the thermal power plant to the north of us.  The same hot water from underground that gives us a nice natural hot springs, also has the power to run a power plant.  I think that is neat.

Our Location Today: Holtville Hot Springs CA. 32.7703 -115.2690


  1. Always nice to get a hair cut. Although we only have your word for it, no pictures!!

    Glad the ladies enjoyed their shopping.

    I agree about the truckers but my cousin is a long haul driver and he doesn't stop unless it's absolutely necessary. He's on a schedule and he's not making money sitting in a hot springs. We need to remember they are still working for a living.

    I'm still wrapping my head around hot water coming out of the ground. Hahaha

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