Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Another Project and Some Fun

Another successful Happy Hour this morning.  We talked for a long time and never came to one conclusion.  That is sort of how it goes when you are retired with nothing to do.   It wasn't long and it was time for lunch.

We have the kayak out and generally each day someone takes it for a paddle.  Nice to have it as another form of entertainment.  We are glad we bought it.  You can pick one up on Amazon right now for $79.88 usd by clicking here or for 132.60 cnd if you click here

If you remember, yesterday we went to town and picked up some barn board paneling to replace the stick on wall paper we put on there a while back.  Although the stick on stuff looked great, it seems like every time it gets a little bit humid or hot, it starts to fall off.  Sue even tried some spray on glue and it didn't work either.  This stuff will be screwed on instead so it won’t fall off.  It has much the same look to it as the old stuff.

After supper we all got together for some games.  First we played LRC (left, right, center) until Sue and I ran out of money.  LRC requires 3 quarters for each person to play, so everyone uses their laundry money.  We always joke that we will be stinking if we lose.  After LRC the dominoes came out.  Sue and I and Pat and Harold have never played dominoes so they taught us Mexican Train.  I really like the game.  After dominoes we played Pig which is a great card game with lots of hooting and hollering and action.  Great evening with great friends.

Here is the view out our window today looking toward “The Bird”:

Our Location Today: Telephone Cove NV, near Laughlin NV. 35.23148 -114.59403

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