Wednesday 7 March 2018

News from Cuba!!!

First thing this morning we received a Facebook post from our daughter and son in law Kaitlyn and Greg who are vacationing in Cuba.  I know they are having a lot of fun down there on the white sand beach, but I had to scratch my head over the picture they posted.  See if you can figure it out???

Is this what I think it is?
No hurry today to break camp because we don't have far to go again.  64 miles or so.  We took our time having morning happy hour and enjoying the heat that has finally descended on us.  Upper 70's today!!  We are getting used to these short moves. 

We got away about 11 am on our journey north to Joshua Tree National Park. We plan to boondock outside the gate at the south entrance.  Due to the fact that a lot of my work life involved trains, I can never resist taking a picture of one.

No the engine is not on fire. 
It wasn't long and we were heading along the Salton Sea. 

There were lots of places where RV's can camp along the sea in the State Parks.  I imagine there is a small fee, but that is for another trip to find out.

We did spot the Fountain of Youth RV park up in the hills where our friends inlaws spend their winters but I didn't get a good picture so had to steal one off the internet.

Once again Lessie found some great country for us to tour.  We started out in agricultural country and wound our way through lots of grape orchards.  We wondered if these are eating grapes of wine grapes.  Generally if they are for wine, there is a winery close by, but we didn't see one anywhere.

Grapes starting to grow

Lots of date trees

Workers tending to the orchards
Lessie headed us up through Box Canyon which has been on my bucket list for a while.  This will save us a jeep trip back through here although there are a lot of jeep trails that one could follow another time.  There are so many pretty rock formations along the way.

Around every corner in this great country there is something else awesome to see.  We can't get over the beauty out there.  We arrived at our boon docking spot around 1 pm and parked up.  Now I have to tell you that in this country there are lots of opportunities to get in trouble.  Sand is one of our enemies and if you read yesterdays post you will remember about the Class C and the tow truck.  Now add to the sand equation a Blue Bird Bus style Motor Home which weighs close to 50,000 lbs doing a sweeping turn and encounters a soft sand pocket. Plus he has a tag axle which is like dragging an anvil in soft sand.  His drive wheel only had to spin about twice and he was going no where. 

Now the difference between the kids yesterday with the Class C, and the situation today was that Harold and I have spent our lives on heavy construction and farming and getting ourselves out of tricky situations is just something we do.  We don't like paying towing companies and this would have been an expensive one.  We went to work with all of the jack pads, blocking, and shovels to get this beast out of the hole.  Ed endured my constant orders without chocking me and was our pilot. Lessie kept us all on track and all of the ladies were our moral support.  I think they must have been checking for ideas on the web!!  Thanks guys!!

Our neighbour Ken donated some blocks to our effort and shoveled some sand where needed, and Pat donated her door mat.  After about 2 hours and a couple failed attempts, we were successful in freeing the beast.  What a great feeling to succeed!!  Everyone chipped in and made this a great team effort.

Thanks Ken!!
When we got everything all picked up and settled we truly circled the wagons tonight.  My blogger friend Deb had mentioned that you can't make a circle out of a straight line like we did last night, so we made sure we were in a sort of circle fashion tonight just for her!! 

Once again the sun set on another fun filled day.  We saw a lot of new things and learned a lot about sand.  Everyone retired early.

As we headed in from watching the sunset, I noticed what the view out our window was tonight.  An amazing reflection on the Alfa.

Our Location Today: Just outside Joshua Tree National Park 33.6754 -115.8057


  1. First off, congratulations! I only hope the new addition doesn't have feet quite that big at birth!
    Beautiful beautiful scenery for sure. It is awesome every which way you turn, no matter where you are.
    Nice that you masterminds helped get the Blue Bird out of the sand. Look at those teenagers with their cell phones!!! Conversation has gone by the wayside, it seems! haha

  2. Congrats. Soon there will be two little folks visiting you folks instead of just one little girl.

    Also congrats on the circle tonight. Excellent first try. I'm honoured to have been mentioned as having had a hand in tonight's circle, it's much cosier than a straight line.

    The sand there at Joshua Tree is very unforgiving if you hit a pocket of loose stuff. We were there for two weeks and in that time at least three folks needed to be pulled out of their situations. Glad you folks managed without too much difficulty. I know your jeep wouldn't have pulled him out but it may have been just enough of a force to help get back on hard pack. The sand there isn't too hard to get out of with a little help.

    Looks like a great spot. Enjoy your time at Joshua Tree.

  3. Congratulations, Grandpa. Neat way sending the news.

    Glad you got that beast out of the sand. Amazing how quick that stuff will jump up and bite you. Glad you had the manpower and grit to get'r done. Now enjoy your new home.

  4. Looks like you and Sue are due....CONGRATULATIONS!
    Just finished reading your post about your visit to Slab City. We would agree it is an interesting place with a lot of artistic people who are or have been living there. Just people living their lives.
    Luckily you had a good crew to get the rig out of the sand.
    Great view out the window.

  5. Congratulations on the arrival of you next Grand Child.. We have seven so I figured it out quickly.
    Brenda Brown

  6. Thanks everyone. It is exciting news as always. Can never have too many.


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