Saturday 17 March 2018

A Trip to Oatman

Today we decided at morning happy hour to head up to Oatman AZ to see the donkeys and poke around.  Ed and Lessie have never been there before so we all decided to go.  We headed out just after lunch and headed there.  Oatman is only about 13 miles from Fort Mohave and is a paved road all the way up.  Today seemed like it might be biker day, because everywhere you looked there were motorbikes.   It seemed like there were an overwhelming amount of trike styles.  Later in the day we found out that there was a trike show on the main casino drag in Laughlin.

Oatman is a pretty little tourist trap with all the history of an Arizona Wild West town.  They said at one time there were up to 30000 people in Oatman and the surrounding mountains.

The Highway that comes through here and continues on to Kingman AZ is part of the old Route 66 so Ed posed for a picture in the middle of the road.

Lots of old antiques laying around.  Most of them have been well used in the mining industry around here.

One of the annual events in Oatman is the egg fry on the sidewalk in July every year.  This years will be on July 4th at High noon.  I’m not sure it would be anything I would like to witness.  I can’t imagine heat like that.

We saw someone who likes the San Francisco football team enough that he put a sticker on the back of his ATV.  And the other sticker proclaims that he is a welder as well.  I like to see people advertising what they do and what teams they cheer for.  Way to go!!1

One place had a free motorcycle museum in the back and up the stairs from their store.  As we headed back there we went by the bathroom and noticed that they had the heat on.  Now today had a cool breeze but still worthy of shorts and a T shirt, but I guess these people get cold quicker than us.  I’m sure the pipes were not in any danger of freezing.

They had some neat motorcycles up there from way back in the day.  Most were Harleys except for one Cleveland.

Off to the side they had a board with a bunch of old guns they had found laying around.  Most of them were broken and you can see that a lot of them had been the losing side of a gunfight.  I thought is would be interesting if they could each tell a story of their demise.

We headed back to Laughlin via the dirt trail called Silver Creek Road, for supper at Harrah’s.  Nice buffet but as usual, way too much delicious food.  We never learn.

The Strip was looking nice as we headed back out to Telephone Cove. 

Although Oatman is fun to visit, we have been there 3 times now, so probably won’t be going back in the next few years.  It was still quite cool with the breeze off the lake, so we all headed indoors for the evening.  The view out our window today:

Our Location Today: Telephone Cove NV, near Laughlin NV. 35.23148 -114.59403

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