Saturday 10 March 2018

Desert Bar road trip

This morning was cloudy and overcast so there was much chat at happy hour about whether to go to the Desert Bar today.  The Desert Bar is something that everyone needs to see for themselves apparently, so we decided we should do it.  If you want the history and more information, check the link.   It is about a 40 mile drive from here and the last 5 miles is really rough road.

Even on a day where there is a misty rain and the clouds are looming, the parking lot is full.

As we walk across the covered bridge, we can see a bunch of new construction going on to expand the place.  Harold and I noticed that there must have been a hurry for the worker to leave on friday, because he or she just dropped the tape measure and the welding hat and left.  Somebody must have yelled "Beer time"!!!1

There were lots of people inside and they have found lots of ways to allow you to spend your money, from T-shirts and hats, to great food, and lots of beer.  There was a band playing most of the time we were there as well.

And look who we ran into!!! Rick and Kathy Rousseau from the blog Its About Time . They are camped just to the east of us on Plomosa Road and are taking in the boondocking rally there.  Nice to see them again.

After we bought the T-shirt we decided to have something to eat.  Down in the bottom should be a good spot we figured. 

But first a trip to the bathroom.  We had heard about the open air style bathrooms here and they sure were.  From the men's you could stand and see down over the mountain.  That was a little bit of a different thing.

But Sue said that from the ladies you could look down over the mens and she did observe one young gentleman proudly having a pee!!!

We found a nice spot under an umbrella to have some lunch and a chat.  Lots of empty tables now because the light rain was making people leave.

Then it was time to leave.  We were just not in the party mood today so off we went.

These rigs look like the right thing to be out here in the desert mountains.  I bet they ride smooth.

They even had a little of my type of history up here.  Old tractors always interest me.

And a parting picture for the photo album.  We are getting good at this.

Still a bit of rain on the windshield but not enough to slow us down on our trip back out the bumpy road.

And a quick stop at Walmart in Parker where I noticed that they are RV friendly.  They even have a sign welcoming RVers.

Somebody didn't make out so well on the highway last night.  The car was completely burned out but the weird thing was that it was up on jack stands, like they had taken the tires off before it burned.  I could just picture the car on fire and the guy yelling "hurry up Ethel, get the tires off, they are brand new!!" 

The view from our window tonight:

Our Location Today: Plomosa Road just north of Quartzsite AZ. 33.7555 -114.1895


  1. Wow almost every blogger I have read the last few days has just gone to the Desert Bar!

  2. Like I said you have to go once to say you've been there.

  3. Glad to see you at the Desert Bar. Like you said, you have to go at least once.
    That Car was being towed on a Dolly when it caught fire in December. The Dolly just disappeared two weeks ago. Now someone will steel the jack stand.
    Really enjoyed seeing you all again.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks for the details on the car although I liked my story better lol. Nice seeing you too.

  4. It is an interesting place to got at least once, we did that 10 years ago and enjoyed a nice lunch and afternoon of entertainment. .Parked at that wallet and the Casino as well.

    1. There have probably been a lot of changes in the last ten years. The guy that owns it seems to add and change lots.

  5. Well, I guess we might have to put it on our list for another year. So many recommendations! Laughed at your Ethel joke, yah I can see that too!
    So, are you the photographer that had 10 seconds to get into that pose? It is usually me and everyone is yelling 'hurry, hurry, hurry!'
    Nice picture and I love that you take the time for those pictures.

    1. I am NOT a photographer. If the picture has a bit of quality and artistic value at all, then you can rest assured that Susan took it. Actually this one was taken by some people who offered. Yes you are right, 10 seconds is not a long time when you have to run and get yourself all fluffed up before it takes the picture.

  6. Apache Junction had a tractor show/exhibit last weekend, you missed it. Looked interesting from the roadway at least.

    I've never heard of this place but then again this is my first time in the Southwest so I guess I have an excuse, until now any way.

    I love the humour, I would think it would Ethel yelling at Fred about the tires while she's holding the match and a ciggy hanging from the corner of her mouth, ashes half the length of the cigarette. That's just my image!!

    Glad you're having a good time there. That's some big crack in the windshield of whatever that is your driving. Did you do that on your short cut across the mountain?

    Keep on having fun!!!!

  7. Tom and I were pretty sure we passed your group when we drove down Plomosa to park today. Then when we saw Rick and Kathy they confirmed it. How long are you all going to be around?
    Nice picture of your group in front of the "church". Every year we say we are going to go out to the Desert Bar and just never get around to it...maybe next year.


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