Sunday 25 March 2018

A Trip down the Strip

We had to make a trip into town today for a few supplies.  Not much but some of those important things like milk and bread.  We find we still have to eat even if all we ever do is sit around.  Sue likes to hit up the Albertson's which is a grocery store down here, and Charlie knew that there would be some doggy treats coming when she came out of the store.

One thing about Vegas is that there are always planes coming and going so I am in my glory watching them.  I always say that they come in heavy (with money) and leave light (broke).  A really conservative estimate of spending in Vegas for a 4 day weekend would be $1000.00 per person, so for every flight leaving, they are leaving behind approximately $200,000.00.   Wow!!!

Speaking of jets, today is the day that Julie will arrive on a jet plane.  Julie is Pat and Harolds daughter who lives in Canada and teaches school.  This week is spring break for them so she decided to come hang with her mom and dad and us old fogies for a few days.  We will enjoy having her around to liven it up a bit.

After dark Ed and Lessie loaded in the Jeep with us and we went to look at the lights of Vegas from Vegas North.  Coming into Vegas that way you get to look down on the Strip and Fremont street which is really neat.

When we got that far we decided we may as well drive through Freemont Street and down the Strip on our way home.  This is the first time Ed and Lessie have been to Vegas so it was mind boggling for them to see the lights and action of Vegas.




And of course someone had to see things the Las Vegas way!!!  Can you see the sign as they saw it??  Lets just leave that one in Vegas!!!

Today I finished the book I have been reading for the last while.  I have to pick another one to read so will be choosing between these 2.  What do you thing?   Now you have to realize that Fall from Grace will take me about 2-3 months to read, while Message in a Bottle will only take 1 month.  I am a very slow reader because I only read in bed, so after a couple pages the eyes generally go closed.  I think I will start with Message in a Bottle.  If you think I have made a mistake, let me know because I will only have read a couple pages by then.

Here is the view out our window tonight:

Our Location Today: Government Wash Road NV, near Las Vegas NV. 36.1257 -114.8342


  1. Nice view of Vegas by night. Good observation about the money, or lack of, on the planes. I was think the same about the coming and goings of the flights into Bullhead/Laughlin.
    Hope you aren't blowing away on the Wash! Very windy here for the last three days.

  2. Enjoy all the site and lists in Vegas can be a fun expensive town.

  3. Love the lights of Vegas. The house always wins, but then again not everyone gambles because they are in Vegas. However they are experts at pulling your money out for other things as well, shows, dinner, shopping, etc. A grand is probably right on the money for the amount folks would spend in that short time. Does that mean the planes fly faster on the way home because they are lighter? Hahaha...

    Enjoy your time there.

  4. Love your picture of Vegas at night!


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