Sunday 18 March 2018

Boats in the Bay

It was a beautiful day at Telephone Cove today.  We enjoyed our morning Happy Hour and then did some kayaking.  There were some sail boats out on the lake just cruising around enjoying the breeze. 

Not long after, a nice little boat came putting up near us and set anchor.  They had a dingy on the back and lowered it and came ashore.  They had never been in this cove so were interested in what it was all about.  We think it would be neat to spend some time living on a boat and just anchoring in a different cove each night.

Harold and I did a few projects around the RV's today.  Nothing earth shattering but stuff that needed to be done none the less.

Lots of things got discussed under the awning today, and there was lots of knitting and crocheting going on as well. 

We have a great view out our window today:

Our Location Today: Telephone Cove NV, near Laughlin NV. 35.23148 -114.59403


  1. Nice little cove you're in. Are you pretty good at knitting and crocheting?(:

  2. What a beautiful spot you have! I'm with Doug. Could you knit me some slippers? :D

  3. My mother, grandmother, uncle,aunt, sister and daughter can all knit. Me? Nada. I can't even hold the needles properly. I'll take a nice pair of mittens when you get around to it, please. :)

    Wonderful spot, glad you're enjoying it.

  4. I guess I didn't make it clear that it wasn't me doing the knitting.


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