Friday 2 March 2018

Go West young man!!

Time to enjoy some hot springs.  About 50 miles west of Yuma near Holtville CA is a pretty little oasis in the desert.  As you travel along the highway you will see a clump of palm trees just growing out of what seems to be no where.  That is where we are going.  Holtville Hot Springs are in that clump of trees.  Ed and Lessie and Pat and Harold are coming with us.

Its not a very long drive today, 36 miles total so we didn't have to hurry.  About 5 miles down the road from Ogilby Road, we entered the sand dunes area.  This is real desert with a bit of a twist.  Along side the road runs a canal with the prettiest water in it.  I bet the wild west cowboys would have loved to see water like this when they crossed here.

Around the bend we can see the "Wall" stretching out for miles.  Mexico is just a half mile south of here.  This area is one of the safest areas of border, with drug activity almost non existent since the wall was built a few years ago.

About a half hour later we saw the sign for Holtville and knew we were close to our destination.

We all got parked up after scouting the areas for the best place to park.  In this LTVA you can get stuck in the soft sand if you don't watch where you are driving, so we always scout out our spot in the Jeep first to avoid an expensive tow bill.

Lorne & Sue

Ed and Lessie

Pat and Harold.

The circle
We headed down to the hot springs for a quick dip.  It is so refreshing and does not have sulfur in it. The only thing I can tell is just a hint of salt.  Notice the water spraying from a bar.   The water spraying is over 100 degrees and is great to stand in.  There are 2 other pools with different temps of water in them so you can choose how baked you wish to be.

The run off water from the hot spring pools runs into a pond next door.  It is such a picturesque pond and it makes you think you are on some Caribbean island somewhere.  And its all free!!! 

As the sun sunk behind the Ponderosa it made for a nice view from our window tonight:

Not quite like normal BLM.  You have to tuck up a little closer to your neighbour.

Our Location Today: Holtville Hot Springs CA. 32.7703 -115.2690


  1. Very nice. Hope you enjoy your time there. We didn't do any visiting to hot springs this year for some reason. Guess we'll have to think about that for next year.


  2. We actually got in the hot springs for the first time this winter and loved it. Next time I'll go more often. the small tub is good for sitting, I think there is a ledge. :) Nice that you are still together, nice to have friends close. Hoping Harold and Pat are enjoying their new home.

    1. I had promised a tour of their motorhome and I will still do that. They are just trying to figure out what all the knobs and switches do.


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