Monday 9 April 2018

Snow in the Mountains

We are moving again today a little farther north.  After a really good sleep last night we headed north on Highway 93.  There will be a lot of long stretches of nothing as we travel through the Great Basin.  It is named that because it is a valley that is fairly flat and probably 20 miles wide with mountains on either side.

Scary part is that some of them have snow on them still.  The forecast for where we are going shows it will be near freezing tonight.  Brrrrrrrrrrrrr.

We stopped about half way into our 250 km trip for lunch along the highway.  There are not many places to pull off the highway which has no shoulder and when you do find a spot there is not much for scenery except mountains.

About 3 pm we pulled into the Sacramento Pass BLM Campground and found a nice spot to park up.

P&H pulled in right on the other side of us and we shared the same picnic shelter.  We sat at their place for a while and had afternoon happy hour.

Right below us is a little pond.  Apparently this BLM campground is man made and they placed a stocked trout pond in the middle.

There was one guy down there fishing.  He said they are here turkey shooting and in the afternoons they fish in the pond.  He said he caught enough fish for his supper.

After happy hour we went for a little walk up the hill to where there is a rocky outcropping.

Of course Charlie and I had to go up to check out a cave which went way back in the hill.  We didn't stick around there too long because it looked a lot like a bear cave.

Tonight we have a beautiful view out our front window.

Our Location Today: Sacramento Pass BLM near Ely NV. 37.3183-115.1293


  1. A good travel day and a nice spot to camp, enjoy !

    1. It is a nice spot to camp but that 93 highway is sure long and lonely.

  2. Looks lovely and you are still in shorts!! that is a good sign!

  3. What a spectacular view. Still in shorts during the daytime but cold at night. Man you're just leaving the desert isn't that the way it's been all winter? Maybe not that cold in the morning but if you can still wear shorts during the day you are having great weather. I'm certain back home in Manitoba they aren't wearing shorts even inside, and they would think the freezing mark is balmy!!! ;)

    Enjoy the heat!!!

    1. Love wearing the shorts for as long as possible. We dont even look at Manitoba weather yet. Hope is smartens up.

  4. Hope you continue to enjoy the warm days. Not too many left before you cross the border.
    Lots of snow here in Red Deer.
    Travel safe!

    1. We have been watching the forecast for Red Deer and not liking it. We may stay a few more days in the south.


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