Wednesday, 18 March 2020

A Day with Friends

WHERE ARE WE? Romantic Escapes RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? Guadalajara, Mexico April 1, 2020

With the great exodus of Snowbirds happening, things are starting to become quite quiet around here.  To liven things up our friends Steve and Julie posted a picture of something they came across on the road today in Northern Mexico.   You really have to take a second look at this one don't you!!  Lots of people were fooled until you start to think about the logistics of tying down a live elephant and Rhino!!!

My morning generally consists of coffee at the palapa where I sit watching the action on the ocean.  Today our young fishermen with the small boat had brought in the early morning catch to process on the beach right in front of our place.  He seemed happy with his catch and away he went with it.  Not sure if he was going to market or just taking them home.  There was a little guy there as well who was quite interested in what was going on.  Perhaps one day he will be a fisherman too.

After  a little while the fishermen who have the big boat with a motor came in and they had a whole lot of fish.  These ones got crated up and off to the market they went.  The birds love when they process them right on the beach and they don't leave a single scrap behind.

Today Kenia and Oscar came to see us and spend some time in the pool.  They each brought a friend which we enjoyed.  First thing we did was to go out for brunch to Irma's.  This is a little breakfast kinda restaurant which everyone raves about.  It was very good and we had a lot of different foods between all of us.

After breakfast we stopped at the store and the kids bought a bunch of fruit that Kenia made up into fruit trays to have at the pool.  She does a wonderful job of making sure everyone has snacks while we play.

We spent most of the afternoon in the ocean or the pool and when we were all done Kenia showed us proof that a Mexican can get a sun burn.

Kenia has her Mini Pops street side vendor open tonight so we all headed to her house to get a waffle and a frappe.  Its not that far so we walked.

When we got there, lots of her family were there and we had a great time.  They just treat us like family now and we actually do a pretty good job of communicating.  We were there a couple hours and didn't really miss participating in much of the conversation.  They are very considerate of us and try to make sure we are included.  Cecie brought out a big plate of shrimp and shared them with us.  I can honestly say that those were the best shrimp I have ever eaten!  They had butter and chilies and I some yummy sauce poured all over them and you had to peel them and take the head off to eat them.  The butter ran down your arm as you ate them.  Mmmmmmmm.

Tina and Sue

Cecies Family...her SO Antonio, Cecie, Karen, and Jackie.  Jackie is studying Criminology.

Kenia made us a yummy waffle with all kinds of toppings and a frappe which Sue drank most of.  We went home with our tummies full tonight.  Hope everyone found some food on the shelves today as well!!

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