Tuesday, 24 March 2020

A New Battery

WHERE ARE WE? Romantic Escapes RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION?  Heading toward Brownsville TX, April 1, 2020

Because of the lack of things to write about, I am just going to post every few days until we start to travel.  Our plan is still to head east on next Wednesday.  We are going to travel with Brian and JoLynn at least as far as the Texas border.  I think after that, their plan will take them in a more eastward direction and we will be meandering more northerly.

For now we are enjoying wonderful weather and deserted beaches and just trying to keep some social distancing if possible.  That is not always possible because we still have to shop and get ready to travel, but we are trying to minimize social contact doing these things as much as possible.   We are noticing that much to the disbelief of the Canadian and American people who I might add are NOT here and know nothing about what is going on, that the Mexicans are taking this thing a lot more seriously than outsiders think.  The difference is that they don't need politicians to tell them what to do, they don't need testing just to create numbers for "experts" to manipulate as they desire, they figure it out for themselves.  They will look after family first and are a strong resilient people.  They are basically saying to the world, "here hold my beer!!"  And I will put my money on the fact that they will survive and with a whole lot less stress than the rest of the world.  Just my two cents worth.

Charlie and I enjoy our walks in the mornings.  About 7:30 we head down the beach and Charlie checks out everything he can.  It is a nice slow walk and the sand doesn't bother his feet it seems.  In fact I think the salt from the wet sand is making his pads better.  He seems to be able to walk right along and I haven't put his socks on since we got here.

One of the tasks I had was to get a new battery for the Jeep.  I had noticed it had become laggy in the last while and so I put the battery charger on it.  It was good for a couple days and then wouldn't start at all.  Charged it again and the charge lasted about 2 hours.  Time for a new one.  $2450 pesos for a new AC Delco  800 amp battery.  Thats about $145 CND.  Not bad.  And they carried it out to the Jeep and replaced it right there.

The rest of the day was sitting and relaxing.  Sunset time is always nice because the temperature tends to go down and it is real pretty just sitting on the beach.  Charlie loves it as well.  Hope you had a great day.


  1. Charlie looks pretty laid back

  2. Nice picture of Charlie in the sunset. I do worry about you meandering through the states, and then crossing back into Canada, with how fast the virus is growing in the US.

  3. "Much to the chagrin"?? Why would we think they don't take it seriously? I don't understand what you're implying that us northerners might think :(

    1. Chagrin was definitely not the word I should have used. After checking the definition I have changed it to disbelief. The words "they just don't get it" are what I am referring to.


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