Monday, 30 March 2020

Getting Ready to Move

WHERE ARE WE? Romantic Escapes RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? La Penita RV Park, April 1, 2020

Today will be the last full day in this RV Park for this season.  Just to quell all of the rumours, yes we have made a deposit to reserve our site for this November.  We just can not turn down the absolutely perfect weather day after day, and the people in the community have drawn us back as well.  We have got to know so many people, both snowbirds and locals, and that makes us want to return again in the fall.

So this morning I grabbed a coffee and Charlie and I went out to the palapa to watch what the ocean had to offer us.  With most of the snowbirds gone, the amount of activity in the bay has dropped right off.  There are still a few fishermen out there and they usually have a wave as they go by.

I had to get up on the roof of the Ponderosa to make sure the solar panels were secured so they would not try to stand up on their own on our trip.  While I was up there I took some pictures of the park and when Sue saw them she thought maybe we should build a deck up on the roof.

The owners of the park have 2 suites that they rent out.  Although they are empty right now because of what is going on, they usually have lots of vacationers come here.  The suite upstairs is huge and is really 2 suites in one.

Suzanne runs her restaurant out of her patio which is quite cute.  We have eaten there a couple times and it is a fantastic place to eat.

We will certainly miss this place, but only for 6 months or so.  We look forward to being back next fall.  Maybe we can bring someone with us???  

In the evening we went over to say our goodbyes to Tina, Kenia, and Oscar.  Some of their cousins were there as well.  We have fallen in love with this family and know that we will be lifelong friends. They wrote us a little note which basically said that they consider us a part of their family, and that is something that is really heart warming for us.  Like we said before we hope to bring Kenia to Canada to give here an opportunity to experience it and to give her a better chance to learn her English.  We hope that we can do the same for Oscar when he gets a little older.  I didn't take any picture because it was just a visiting night.

Every day when Charlie and I go for a walk on the beach we find broken pieces of tiles from who knows where.  There are very colourful ones and the edges wear quite quickly in the ocean which makes them unique.  We always bring back some different looking ones from our walks and someone has made them into a puzzle which forms a square.  This immediately made me think of Patsey who is a puzzle freak!!   Maybe she has been sneaking around here.  We got most everything we needed done, done today.  Hope you accomplished lots too.


  1. I'm sure you are on the road by now, we wish you safe travels. Stay healthy and well.
    It looks like a beautiful spot but I think too humid for me. It would be a nice place to visit for a week or so but too much trouble for such a short time. Be safe.

  2. Like Deb, I am sure you are on the road by now. You certainly found a beautiful place to spend the winter.
    We hope and pray you have a safe journey back across the US and into Canada while enjoying the trip. Stay safe and healthy.

  3. What we just did is not for everyone Deb. You have to do what makes you happy.
    We would love to bring you Sheri but someone has to stay home and bring in the bacon!!!


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