Monday 2 March 2020

A Night out with Friends

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

Today Kenia was coming to our house for a swim and her and Sue were going to work on a menu for her new business called Mini Pop by Kenia.  She needs something she can show to her customers that they can order off of.  So about 1 pm I walked over to her house to get her.  Now she doesn't need an escort but I sure did need the exercise.  It is less than a half mile to her house from here and the walk is scenic.  She says she has been doing good with her business so far.

 There are some pretty steep streets by her house.  Sure glad I didn't have to climb them.

I had to go down town on the way home to get some groceries so Sue said for us to stop and get something to eat.  We stopped at Hinde y Jaimes Bar for their 15 peso taco special.  Mmmm it was good.

We walked back home on the beach and on the way I picked up some old sea worn ceramic floor tiles.  I am hoping to make a pretty walkway for next year, but for now I placed them on the ground to look at.

We saw another young fisherman who was showing off his catch.  Wondering if this is the size of fish the pelicans have been eating.

After a nice swim, Kenia and Sue worked on the new menu for her.  She sells quite a few different drinks and waffles with various toppings, so they had to work out all the prices and what the extras were going to cost.  I'm excited to see the finished project.

By the time they got that all done it was ready to head down the beach to meet Pat and Harold for supper at Las Brezes.  Kevin and Ronda from Wisconsin are down here for a vacation so we were excited to hang out with them for a while.  We have met them a few times over the last few years and enjoy their company.

The girls always have lots of stories to share which generally end up with a good laugh.

Nice picture of Ronda and Kevin followed by a quick camera setting change.  I think the silhouette picture is kinda neat.  

And of course Pat in her babushka!!  I think she is practicing for a trip to Poland!!!

And look who we saw on the balcony across the street?  Our friend Andy from the RV Park.  He and Amy were having supper over there!!!

And of course a couple sunset pictures.  Just couldn't resist!!

We hung around and listened to the band for a while.  They were really good.

Then we headed downtown for a Churro for dessert!!  They are so good right from the street vendor.  Because it was getting close to La Penita midnight we all parted company and headed home. 

Just a gentle reminder for all our northern friends that we are thinking of you.  Keep your spirits up folks, spring is on the way.  I think we will hang around down here for a while yet just to make sure that you turn up the heat a little before we get home!!  Stay warm everyone!


  1. It sounds like you've already booked the spot for years to come, so I suppose that making your own little funky walking path is a good thing. It will be like the yellow brick road and lead you home on those dark nights. Haha. Keep having fun!

    1. Thats exactly what I thought!! We don't plan to ever stop having fun

  2. I can never resist a nice sunset picture :-)

  3. Sounds like you and Sue have found a special young lady to bring into your lives. She is lucky to have you two. I am only guessing but I am betting you both feel the same way.
    What beautiful sunsets you are seeing in your new spot which sounds wonderful.

    1. We hope we can be of some help to her and maybe enable her to have more opportunities in her future. She is certainly capable of looking after herself, we just want to offer a few more opportunities.

  4. What a beautiful area you now call home. Wouldn't be surprised to find you two down there all year long in the future. Your little walkway will look great when it is finished. And I must say the sunsets over water look much better than over sand dunes. :))

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