Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Albercas Aztecas Aztec Pools

WHERE ARE WE? Romantic Escapes RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? Guadalajara, Mexico April 1, 2020

A few days ago we met some great people who are staying in the suites here.  They are from Oregon and are down here on a working holiday.  They told us about a business venture they are involved in in a town close by.  Pat and Wendy, and Scott and Katy told us a little bit about their venture.  Katy has partnered with a guy she knows by the name of Alberto, who is from the little town of La Puerta de la Lima which is just up the road from La Penita about 15 minutes.  They are building a little tourist area with 3 pools that are fed from some springs running out of the mountains.  It is still in the construction stage, but the pools are finished to the point where they are accepting customers.  20 pesos a day will let you use the palapa's and pools all you want.  Great place to spend an afternoon just relaxing.

This is what the area looks like right now from the parking area, but they are busy planting lots of jungle type plants and after the rainy season I'm sure it will look quite different.

First thing we did was to meet Alberto and Janice and some of the family.  Katy had told them we were going to come for a look so we got the royal treatment.  They told us a little bit about their work so far, and let us in on some of their dreams for the place.  Then they gave us free reign of the place to look around.   It is going to be a neat little place to visit when they are done.

Here are all of the pools.  They range from 3 feet deep to 5 foot 7 inches.  One of them is actually an infinity pool which is a neat feature.

They are planning to have grills in some areas where you can come and bring a picnic and cook some food.  

And while you are lounging you can keep going into the pool to refresh yourself.  

They have a neat tree in the back that I think they should develop into something.  Its like a little cave in underneath it.  It just adds to the jungle type landscape.  It is big enough that you can walk into it.

We had an awesome tour and even got to see some native wildlife on the way out.  This iguana was sunning himself on the road.  He was about 18 inches long.

After the tour we headed across the highway to another little town up in the hills.  It is truly a Mexican village and we enjoyed touring it.  

Every town has a bull ring but from what I hear they don't use them for bull fights any more.  They have rodeos in them instead.  

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Whether you are a reader or a writer, all of these things are for fun.  Hope you all have fun with them.  
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  1. Pretty pools! I still don't see a like button.

  2. The pools are very nice and I love the tree! Try walking under it not into it!!
    Thanks for the LIKE info, I'm going to get one!

  3. What a pretty place. It will be interesting to see what it looks like next year once all the plants take hold.
    Thanks for the "Like" button information. I will be checking it out.


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