Saturday, 21 March 2020

More of the Same

WHERE ARE WE? Romantic Escapes RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? Guadalajara, Mexico April 1, 2020

These days there is lots of sitting going on.  We are staying around the Ponderosa more and enjoying sitting with our feet up.  Even the Virus is starting to get old hat and facebook has about run its course on the subject.  I even had time for a siesta today on the deck, and the nice thing is that there is no one around to disturb me.  Can't wish for more than that.

Just down the road from us is a drain that runs to the ocean and things there are starting to get really green.  Spring has sprung!!  There is a bridge over it that leads to downtown, but when you stand on it, the breeze from the ocean blows nice and cool on your face.

When we first moved to this new park we saw a couple who spent a lot of their day on the beach.  We kinda got to know Blair and Joanne in passing and speak to them often now.  They have decided that it is time for them to head back north and they have finally been successful in booking a flight out of PV tomorrow.  Blair didn't tell us where he was going but he did give us a couple of good hints!!

The next day we looked at facebook (silly us) and this was a picture from the PV airport.  Now that is a scary sight and we hope they have a safe trip and keep healthy!!  And don't blame the Mexicans for this fiasco, the gringos are blindly following the orders to "come home!!!".  Wishing them all well!!  

Yes I have verified that this did happen in PV.
I had to go downtown this evening to get some groceries and was pleased to see that 90% of the vendors and store staff were wearing masks.  There were considerably less people downtown and there was a conscious effort not to get in anyone's space.  The Mexicans are doing their part and even if you don't think it fits your criteria, they are aware of the potential risk.  I had to stop by the churro cart and get one for Sue.  

And I love how they think here.  If someone at home had to put up a sign to point to their business and the arrow was the wrong way, they would panic and spend a pile of money creating a new sign or changing the arrow.  In Mexico there is a simple solution to most problems.  I love it.

We anticipate doing a lot more of this feet up stuff in the days to come because we can.  Hopefully you are doing what you want as well!!  Stay safe.

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