Saturday, 7 March 2020

Waffle night

WHERE ARE WE? Romantic Escapes RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? Guadalajara, Mexico April 1, 2020

Had another peaceful day in Paradise today.  Lots of sitting and maybe a small nap.  Pat and Harold came over in the afternoon and we had a nice visit.

At supper time we went to Kenia and Tina's for supper and some nice deserts.  Their restaurant is mainly for the locals around their place but anyone can eat there if they can find it.  We had Pezoles, sopes, enchilada's and some other things I can't spell.  It was all good.

After the meal, Kenia cooked up some neat waffles and frappes. She is great with the desert stuff.  

And of course at the end of the night there was a selfie showed up on my phone somehow.  Kenia is like a kid when it comes to playing tricks on us.  We had a good time.  Hope you did too.

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