Saturday, 28 March 2020

All Washed Up

WHERE ARE WE? Romantic Escapes RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? Heading to Brownsville TX, April 1, 2020

Today was wash day for the Ponderosa.  Martin and Monica do an awesome job of washing and waxing the Ponderosa and the Jeep.  It is nice to get all the dust and salt and bat poop washed off before we head out.  We will get them to do it again next fall when we arrive back here again.

Can you hear the sizzle??

After the wash was over I took a little walk up to the old trailer park to book our stay there on Tuesday night on what they call the Launch Pad.  They have some sites which are right on the road out of the park where you can hook up the towed and be ready to go in the morning.  We will be parking there with Brian and JoLynn ready for our Wednesday morning departure.  Lots of empty spots there as most of the people have fled already!!

I walked to the park so on the way back I took some pictures of the angry seas today.  We are seeing 8 to 10 foot waves crashing on the beach.  I always marvel at the power of the ocean.

Another great day in Mexico.  As I said earlier, the ocean was angry today.  It is somewhat like a women because it is sometimes breath taking and beautiful when she is angry.  Add to that a little sunset and you have something spectacular!!!  Hope you had a great day too. 


  1. Interesting thought on the angry ocean. Trust me, when I'm angry, there is no beauty there! haha Love the pictures of the waves and sun dipping below the horizon.

  2. Beautiful sunset! I bet that place gets real quite after everyone leaves.

  3. What great pictures of the ocean and the sunsets.

  4. Nice to get the Ponderosa all cleaned up before you leave for Home.
    Good thing you aren't parked on the beach or you'd be living in a Submarine.
    Safe Travels and Enjoy the Trek.

    It's about time.


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