Friday, 16 December 2016

A trip down Memory Lane

Today we planned a trip to Panama City Beach to see the place where Sues parents used to come for their winter retreat.  Sue and I have been down to visit them a couple times and our uncle Terry and aunt Diane still come here ever year right after Christmas to spend 3 months.  Sorry we missed them this year.  Panama City Beach is a popular Spring Break destination so it has lots of beach shops and high rise hotels.  The pier is a popular spot for all the fishermen.

Colourful beach shops
Panama City Beach drive

We stopped for a brief visit with Sues mom and dads friends Fred and Janice who are from Ontario.  It was a chance to relive a part of our memories of happy times in Panama City Beach.  They stay in the same resort as her parents did called Seaside Villas.  We do miss mom and dad, but thank them every day for making us realize that life is short and we must chase our dreams while we can.

Court yard of Seaside Villas
Looking out over the Gulf
On our way home from our memory lane visit we stopped at Destin Common to look at all of the Christmas decorations and to check out the stores.  We are doing everything in our power to get in the Christmas spirit but when you are in your shorts it is tough.

We ended the night at Bass Pro, for reasons neither of us could explain.  The sign says "Welcome hunters, fishermen, and liars."   I guess we had to use the last as our excuse to be there.
Just hanging out in Bass Pro


  1. Really great pictures! We have an Aunt and Uncle that love this destination also for their winter holiday. So it was nice to see where they spend two months every winter.

  2. Its a beautiful area but non stop people and its not even the busy season yet. The white sand, gorgeous sunsets and awesome food are a big draw.


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