Thursday, 8 December 2016

Jeep code

Today started out with a walk with Charlie out on the par 3 golf course.  We have been here 5 days and I have never seen anyone play a round.  Come to think of it no one ever swims in the pool either except us.  There is a nice little lake on the side of the golf course but no trail down to it.  We didn't want to hike through the weeds in case we meet Mr. Alligator.

golf course and lake
On the way back we stopped by an orange grove near the golf course.  The oranges look terrible so I asked what he problem was.  Apparently Florida has been hit by a disease that is like a stroke.  The trees forget how to produce oranges, or how to convert water into sugar etc.  There is nothing they can do except cut them down and start over.  They tell me also that it is tough to make money now growing oranges so lots of the groves are just being left to grow over.

these oranges are as hard as a rock
After our walk we headed back to the shop to install our new starter.  Guess what???   Wrong one.  We can get one from Tampa tomorrow which is just an hour away.  Sue and I will go pick it up tomorrow.  We did find out why the old one isn't working well.  When we took it off and tipped it up, water ran out of it.  I believe that when we were parked at Cape Coral we were right over a lawn sprinkler head and every night it filled the generator compartment full of water thus shorting out the circuit board and filling the starter full of water.

Adding this picture so I have the part number of the starter for future if needed.
Checking all the wiring and changing the ground wire which was corroded
Load tested coach batteries and they are all good.
Just over from where we were fixing the motorhome was a Sheriffs Emergency Response Unit.  I noted that the truck said on the side that it was a confiscated drug unit.  That is neat.

A confiscated drug vehicle turned into the Sheriffs emergency Response Unit.

Of course being a nosey person I had to look in the back (the door was open).  There is a board room there with about 6 big screen TVs on the wall.  I guess this is where they monitor things that they are working on.  They have a big generator with some wicked lights on the back of the unit.

Inside the response unit
So a little story to end todays blog.  On the way back from the shop Sue stopped for gas at a little rickety gas station.  It had pay at the pump so Sue puts the card in.  The screen on the pump is all foggy and scratched so she kinda plays it by ear and enters the pin etc. She then puts the nozzle in the tank and waits, nothing happens.  She looks at the screen and it says something but she can't read it.  No gas so she heads in to see the guy and find out why no gas.  He comes out to the pump and looks at her funny and says, "enter jeep code"  Sue says what?? He says "Jeep code, need jeep code"  She is getting confused and says "Our jeep doesn't have a code".  He finally points to the printing at top of pump and it tells you the steps for pay at the pump and the second last one says - Enter your Zip code.  Woops, there seemed to be a bit of a language barrier.  She entered our magic Zip Code and there was gas.

We are still in the same place so no need for a window view tonight.

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