Friday, 23 December 2016

An Alligator warning

Today the sun shone so we spent the day just soaking it up.  We didn't do much other than sit in front of the Ponderosa and relax.  Sometimes when we opened our eyes there would be a ship going by.

The classic foot in the picture.
Once we looked up and a guy was unloading his boat right beside us.  The water gets about 4 ft deep really fast, but you can walk out quite a ways and it doesn't seem to get much deeper.  It makes it easy to launch a small boat.

Late in the afternoon Charlie and I headed down to the Indianola Fishing Marina to see what was happening.  We went in and a lady worked really hard to sell me a fishing deal.  She said if I fished on her deck it would cost 5 bucks and I would have to buy a state license for 68 bucks. I said it would be cheaper for me to buy a fish dinner in their restaurant.  She said that as a matter of fact they had a 10 oz rib eye steak dinner on special today for $9.99.  So thats what Sue and I did tonight and it was really good.

Sue on the deck waiting for supper

Perfect place to watch a sunrise or sunset.
Watching the fishermen while having supper.
A little story about the lady that I was talking to this afternoon at the Marina where we ate tonight.  Now remember that we are in redneck country here and I love it.  She was a great lady and I could identify with her, because she had the same amount of teeth as I have.  She was asking me "where y'all frum?"  I told her and also told her we were parked on the beach down at Magnolia.  She said she lived down that way.  She saw my dog and was quite concerned that the dog didn't wander off the beach into the marsh because she said that as much as people say there are no salt water alligators..."there is, and thays big, and thays out to eat yur kids."   I guess I had better keep Charlie on a leash.

Our view out the window late this afternoon as the fog rolls in from the high humidity.


  1. Wish You, Sue and Charlie A Safe and Merry Christmas.
    See you in January!

    It's about time.

  2. Yep, I am sure Charlie doesn't want to be someone's dinner!

    Love the view our your window.

    Merry Christmas to you both!

  3. I love that area! I think we have eaten in that same beachfront restaurant.

  4. Yeah, and win yer in New Mexico youse gotta watch fur them Wolves, Ky-yotes an' 'specially them jumpin' ratlerz! Tharz sumpin's jus' WAITIN' tuh gitchya whenever yuh step outside yer door! Thank god fer keeps the blighters in their stationary cottages.

    Now, about that blogger fest. Shadowmoss fingered you all az havin' shouldered the burdun of promotion, coordination or sum such and ah'm uh wunderin' whut I hav tuh do tuh git me a booth sumwharz thar? Ah ain't never dun nuthin' afore at this event but ah'd jus' LUV to proselytize on behalf of Western Watersheds Project & Advocates for the West. (B are non-profits comprised mainly of attorneys who file lawsuits to git the BLM & Forest Svc to enforce their grazing regs, ie, git cowz off the land.) Enny advice 'ould be appreciated.

    1. Just a quick note that Blogger Fest does not entertain any causes nor wishes to have anybody promoting their agenda at the Fest. Each blogger has their own forum to promote whatever they want and I encourage you to do that on yours. For the record I work for a very large rancher in the summer and we run lots of cows on government land so I am not necessarily an advocate of your cause. Have a very Merry Christmas.

    2. Lorne,

      Shadowmoss said the Fest was gonna be in the Big Tent which, I surmised, meant they'd been allocated designated space in a large tent that was providing space for other organizations or "gatherings" too. I hoped that, as the coordinator or co-coordinator, you'd have some info on who to contact to get a booth in the Big Tent...or somewhere appropriate for promoting my agenda. Thanks, and Merry Xmas to you too!

    3. The Blog Fest will NOT be in the big tent. Sorry if you thought otherwise. It has nothing to do with the RV show. It is a small gathering of bloggers in the middle of the desert. I have no idea who you would contact to get into the Big Tent. Sorry.

    4. Oh, okay. Thanks for the clarification.


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