Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Ship watching again

Now that we are in one spot for a few days we are going to relax a bit.  This morning was devoted to watching the ships heading through the bay.  I am still amazed by how big they are and how they slither so silently through the water.  It will take this flat lander a while to get bored with ships.

A ship out our window
This one went by later
Sue got our Christmas display on the dash of the Ponderosa all set up again.  She doesn't set it up unless we are going to be in one spot for a few days.  It is a mixture of Christmas and family pictures.  I guess that is quite fitting because Christmas is certainly about family and friends.

I spent a couple hours fixing some drawers that wouldn't stay closed, moved a plug in, and secured our nick nack thingy in the bedroom.  Sue kept asking me what I was doing and sometimes I wasn't quite sure so it was hard to explain.

The view from our window today.

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