Wednesday, 7 December 2016

We are officially Old Geezers

It is another warm humid day.  The heat is lovely but the humidity is something we are not used to.  You sweat just doing things.  Mid Florida Diesel called and our part won't be here till Thursday.  We decided to extend our stay here and it is just as cheap to pay a weekly rate than to stay 4 nights, so we are staying until next Monday.
Being the nosey guy I am, I went over by the clubhouse to see what all the action there was about.  They were playing shuffleboard so I asked one fellow about the rules and the scoring. He said they would not tell me but they would show me so grab a stick.  So next thing you know I am involved in what my friend Kyra calls a "geezer" sport.  It is somewhat like curling in that you have to know how hard to shoot the little puck down the course.  Well I got done the first game and looked up and there is Susan.  It wasn't 2 minutes and they had converted her into a "geezer" as well.  She liked the game as well.  Seems we are now entered into a tournament on Saturday morning.

Susan and I are not in the picture because we didn't want proof of what we did.
Charlie and I go for quite a few walks over to the dog park.  The park is out back where there is a little lake and a par 3 golf course.

While out walking we saw some Sand Hill Cranes.  They are a very pretty bird and were about 5 feet tall.  They are quite noisy and were obviously not afraid of us because they kept walking closer and closer to us.  They even did the little bird dance once where they jump up in the air and flap their wings.

On the other side is private land where there are some heifers running around.  Charlie really wanted to go herd this one for a while.

Our view tonight.  Awning is down because it is supposed to be windy.

Our awning is down.
Would love to hear more comments from anyone who reads our blog.  Its not hard to do and we appreciate knowing you have been there.  Thanks Ruth for your comments on a regular basis even while you are on your travels.

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  1. Kevin spent many summers at at family camp north of Ottawa and they have 2 shuffleboard courts and the kids start learning young, so it really isn't an old geezer sport. Ok, it is if you are playing in Florida, in the winter in an RV park! ;-)

  2. First curling, now shuffleboard. SMH.


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