Sunday, 18 December 2016

Chasing Christmas Day 2

We are traveling again today towards our Christmas destination Magnolia Beach Texas.  When we woke up it was quite cool so we checked our destination temperature.  Brrrrrr.

Nothing much happened today along the way.  It was quite windy so we just kept on moving because it was so miserable outside.   We crossed the Mississippi today and on into Texas.

Todays travels
Bridge over Mississippi
The Mississippi River

Today we found a few of these in a rest stop along the road.  It was in Texas along highway 10 not long after we crossed from Mississippi.  Can ay of my Southern friends enlighten me?

So that was our boring day.  There is not much to report when we hardly get out of the Ponderosa.  Tomorrow may be more exciting but we have to remember that we are not really on vacation, but rather just finding a place to live for a few days.  I know, its a tough life.

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