Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Meeting friends in Destin Florida

We left Crawfordville Walmart in good time this morning so we could take our time traveling and still get to Destin in good time.  It was foggy for the first part of the drive.  Almost an eerie fog with the mossy trees and knowing the ocean was right on the other side of the trees.

Our route took us right along the Gulf of Mexico past a lot of great vacation country.

Our travels today
Highway 98 along the Gulf Coast.
A lot of the houses are built on stilts to keep them safe from the storms that they get along the coast.  Sue looked up some prices and they are going for upwards of a million dollars.  I guess we won't buy one today.

When we got to Destin we checked into Henderson State Park.  It is a really nice park that is quite close to the Gulf.  Our site was quite secluded so we could put up the Invisible fence for Charlie.

Our friends Ed and Lessie are coming to join us here on their travels from Oklahoma down to Florida.  While we were waiting we took a little trip down to the beach.  It is such a nice white sand and it has that squeaky feel to it.

White sand drifted along the shore. 
The water is a bit cold here.
I think there is a storm moving in from the west.
When Ed and Lessie arrived we headed out to Land Shark Pizza for supper.  They make an awesome Pizza.

Sue and Lessie found a bear
When we came out from Pizza it was raining quite hard.  It rained for a couple hours so we visited in the Ponderosa.

Our view tonight.


  1. That is a wonderful state park we stayed there a few years ago and loved it, Enjoy you time there.

  2. Just want a friend to talk to about the area ...


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