Monday, 26 December 2016

Guess what I got for Christmas?

Well with Christmas over for another year it is time to share my fun present with you on Boxing Day.  Guess what I got from Santa (Sue)?  Am I spoiled or what?

Now you can see my Merry Christmas sign in the sand.
We have talked about getting a drone for a long time and I guess the time was right.  We got a very good one after some research on what we wanted.  This one will actually fly itself.  You can program a flight into it and press a button and it will take off, fly the course, and land again without any help from me. 

With all the neat places we go it will be a great tool to have for showing where we are.  You can tell by the picture above that it gives a whole new perspective on our surroundings.  And if you got higher you can get a whole new angle.  It takes video as well so I must learn how to put some of them on this blog.

Sue sitting there watching the drone.
Now a little story behind this drone.  I got it for Christmas and spent a lot of Christmas day setting it up.  Sue spent her time downloading all the apps on the IPhone to fly it with.  I had never really been around one so was a little apprehensive to fly it, but I thought I will have to try it on Boxing Day.  

This morning when I woke up I heard a whirring noise outside.  I looked out the window and what to my wondering eyes did appear but my neighbour flying a drone.  I sprang out of bed and pulled on my clothes and dashed outside to see what was happening.  There was Dennis, my next door neighbour steering an almost identical drone to mine through the sky. 

Dennis and his wife Mary just arrived from California via various points, yesterday.  They have camped lots but are new to living in an RV and have come to Magnolia Beach to spend some time before embarking on a cruise out of Galveston.  We spent a lot of time discussing the RV lifestyle since I met him.

Anyway…..on with the story.  He set it down on the ground and told me that he had some neat aerial shots of our motorhome and could email them to me if I wanted.  I told him I would much rather if he showed me how to fly my new one so I could take some of my own.  Dennis gave me a quick but thorough lesson on flying the drone and we soon had it up in the air.  We had a whole lot of fun flying around and even took both his and mine up and took pictures of each other’s drones.  Thanks Dennis for getting me started.  Sorry to say but there will be a lot of drone pictures on the blog in the next while.

Dennis's drone in the air.
We have been seeing some reports on the weather back in Manitoba.  One of the things I always enjoyed about winter in Manitoba was the blizzards.  It was neat to dig out after a blizzard and see the complete change in the landscape.  Now lets not get all sentimental here on the beach.  I will get over it I’m sure.  Our grandson Silas seems to enjoy grampa’s enthusiasm with the snow in the doorway. The look on his face says it all.

Silas with the new baby gate.
 And once they did get the doorway shoveled out this is what their van looked like.

Ok I have already got over my missing snow.  I will be content with the beach. Have fun digging out Derek and Nicky.


  1. Wow, your drone pictures look great!

    Looks like Manitoba got a lot of snow, not sure if it is headed our way or not. I am thinking that we aren't getting out of Ottawa soon enough!!!

  2. It was a great time flying our drones together. Hope to see more pictures of your travels.

  3. I love the drone. Mine is so much smaller any whiff of wind sends it crashing. That's going to come in handy on your locations. I can't wait to see more pictures.


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