Saturday, 10 December 2016

Organ donation

Sue some news today that made her smile.  As you know her mother passed away earlier this year from cancer and no one thought there was anything good about the whole situation.  Today she got a picture from her sister of a certificate that says that Kathy's gave the gift of sight to someone by donating her eyes.  What a great thing to do.  We had not given any thought to the fact that Kathy had made sure that she would be an organ donor after she passed away.  That was so typical of the woman she was.  There were a few happy tears here today.

A few days ago I was involved in a discussion on the difference between Goat Heads and Sand Spurs.  We had not seen any Goat Heads here in Florida yet, only Sand Spurs and boy do they ever hurt.  Charlie just hates them.  When he gets one in his foot he stops in his tracks and lifts his foot and will not move until I remove it.  Well today we found a Goat Head plant somewhere and Charlie got a bunch in his fur. Sue even got one stuck in her foot and I had to pull it out.  So here is the comparison between Goat Heads and Sand Spurs.  I'm sure you can figure out which is which.

Goat Head vs. Sand Spur
After supper we headed to the car races again at Auburndale Speedway.  This is a nice asphalt track and they have some pretty good racing going on.  They even have some racers that drive NASCAR trucks here. The races this weekend are to raise money for 5 families who have someone who is terminally ill so they can live life a little easier as they battle their illness.  I must admit that the good old redneck dirt track racing is a little more exciting.

cars racing
trucks doing time trials for tomorrows race
Our view from our window is the same again tonight but here it is to remind you.

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  1. We hate any of those spurs! Whiskey (our dog at the time) was like Charlie and hated them too. I remember on several occasions when Kevin would have to pick her up and carry her because they were so bad. Even we have to be careful ourselves when we go hiking in the desert, they really like to cling to your clothing and taking them off is no fun.


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