Monday, 19 December 2016

Chasing Christmas Day 3

Today we will make it to our Christmas Destination.  Sue's bucket list included Christmas on the beach and this will be our chance.  Although we would rather be with our family for Christmas, being here will help make it a nice day for us.  Magnolia Beach here we come.

Today we are heading through some oil country.  The huge refineries are a sure sign of that and there is no sign of a slow down in this industry.  Every refinery we go by has a lot of expansion going on it seems.

Refinery outside Houston
Plant expansion
I marvel at the millions of dollars being spent but only have to look out my windshield to realize that the world is expanding in population at a staggering rate.  There soon will not be room for all of the cars commuting back and forth.  I just marvel at how our whole trip has been in the midst of crowds of people.  I really do need a bit of the country life right now.  The life where you know who is driving every car you pass and you wave because you know them.

Of course our Garmin seems to like to test my driving skills on a regular basis so of course it takes us "Downtown" Houston where we get to see some of the traffic and the roads that are used to handle the traffic.
11 am. and still busy.  Where are they all going?
Everyone drives like they are late for something and they give little regard for the safety of anyone.  They will change 4 lanes in one swoop only to change back a half mile down the road.  And this is at 65 mph.

The 2 ramps are for rush hour traffic
Along the way we stopped for fuel at a Buc-ee's which is a major fuel convenience stop around these parts.
Sue went in because we needed to prepay for the amount of fuel we were putting in and I couldn't figure out why she was taking so long.  She came out with bags of goodies and lots of beef jerky.  She said the place was full of those kinds of treats and had pictures to prove it.

Jerky counter
Baked goods
I stayed outside and walked Charlie.  In the big grassy area set aside for a dog area were some interesting signs.

Now it doesn't matter how big the sign is, someone will just plain old ignore it.

oops!!! what is that??
We arrived at Magnolia Beach in the late afternoon and got set up.  It is still quite windy here so we didn't do much for the rest of the day.  This will be our home for a week or so.

A Walmart trip for some supplies in the evening and off to bed.  I leave you with 2 window views tonight.


  1. I LOVE being camped right near the water like this. I have lots of sand around me (Quartzsite), but no water. Lucky you! :)

  2. The water is great but we still have a place in our hearts for Quartzsite. See you there.

  3. I remember staying at Magnolia Beach back in 2008! Boy that sure seems so long ago. Nice area there and I hope the wind dies down for you.


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