Sunday, 11 December 2016

Project Day

Today was project day.  First up was to hang the fruit hammock that Sue bought somewhere when I wasn't looking.  I was going to buy her one for Christmas but now I can't.
(not)  She calls it a Banana Hammock.

Banana Hammock
Next project was to finish installing my time, temperature and voltage display in the bedroom.  I have it where I can see it from bed.  The whole thing looks like Houstons control center.

My bedroom control center
 It also has a toggle switch so I can monitor both chassis and coach battery voltage by flipping the switch.  It is an alarm clock as well if needed.

Note that battery is on charger
Next was the installation of the garbage can we bought the other night.  I had to go out and buy a brand new jig saw to cut the hole.  I don't have a picture of it though but trust me, that is what cut the hole.

Before cut
Door installed
Door open in kitchen

It was funny that we hadn't thought about the fact that we can use it for a bathroom garbage as well because there is a door on the bathroom side that opens.  It won't slide out that way but there will be enough room to still use it from the bathroom side.  Bonus.

Bathroom side of garbage can

After I got done the projects I looked out and the snowbirds were getting ready for their Santa Claus parade. They spiff up their golf carts and drive all over the park.  Kinda feels different watching a Santa parade in my shorts.  Picture is blurry but tells the story

Lots of lights on this golf cart

After the parade we did a face time visit with Sheri, Donovan and Dani.  It is so nice to talk to them and catch up on what is happening.  Dani didn't know it but she sent us a heart and I got a still picture of it.  Love your guys.

I will leave you tonight with a copy of our fuel usage this year since we left Dereks house in Reston through to where we are now.  We have not put fuel in since November 19th so that keeps our fuel expense down.  Remember we were in Mexico for a week of that time too.  The Canadian and US dollar amount are the converted amounts and are a cumulative total of our fuel costs so don't add them together.  The same goes for Liters and US gallons.  We have since added about 300 miles to our total.

View out our window again tonight.

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