Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Oyster boats

Charlie and I went for a long walk this morning along the beach and down towards Indian Point.  There were a lot of fishing boats out today and I think they were catching oysters.

I took the following explaination from the web.  It is exactly what they were doing.  You could hear the latin music and a lot of yelling every time a bucket was hauled up.  It was very interesting to see and hear.
The boats head off, staking claims to their day's piece of the Bay with a makeshift buoy - an empty plastic jug tied to a bit of heavy chain.
Around their buoy, the boats begin a circular dance, like water bugs in a swimming pool.
A chain from the top of the vessel sinks into the water at a 45-degree angle beside the boat. On the end of the chain is a dredge, a metal rake pulled along the sea floor and lifted back into the boat, where oysters are sorted from barnacles, empty shells and other sea creatures.
There are quite a few houses and cabins not far from here.  I am going to take a drive up this way later this week to explore.

Near where we are parked is a nice little picnic area and washrooms and showers.  Now you have to remember that there is no charge for using or camping here so we are really fortunate to have this.  There is also lots of garbage dumpsters available.  It is an ideal spot for true boondockers.
Nice picnic area and public beach where RVs are not allowed except on each end.
Washrooms and showers are clean and lots of hot water.

The next photo shows what we spent the rest of the afternoon doing.  It is getting close to Christmas and my Christmas list is still in my pocket so maybe it was a good day to get some of it done.  We drove about 35 miles north of here to Victoria Texas.  It has a very nice mall.
We were exhausted when we got home so no view picture tonight.

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