Wednesday 29 November 2017

A day with friends

Our friends Alan and Darlene from Manitoba are a long haul trucking team and one of their destinations is Laredo Texas.  They happened to be going by and had a day to spare so they spent time with us on the beach today.  They have not had the opportunity to see how we live in the winter.  We went and picked them up at a truck stop and brought them back to the Ponderosa for the day.  It was a beautiful day for sitting on the beach and I think they enjoyed it.

They have a couple dogs that travel with them named Bear and Tucker.  Part way through the afternoon one of the dogs is going crazy barking and Darlene decided to investigate.  A crab who was wandering along was giving one of the dogs a hard time.  It would jump at the dog with his claws out and was really quite aggressive.

It was a pretty blue crab.  This is all quite interesting stuff for a prairie boy like me.

I saw a jelly fish floating in the ocean the other day too.  I sure don't want to encounter one of them when I am swimming.  They tell me it is quite painful.

We spent the afternoon reminiscing and enjoying this beautiful beach.  Alan and Sue discussed all the troubles in the world and seem to have solved everything.

We had to call it quits after supper and deliver them back to their truck. They have an early morning unload in Laredo.  Safe travels guys.

Here is the view from our window today.  Oh my, is that a ship???

Our Location tonight:  Magnolia Beach Texas  Boondocking

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