Monday 6 November 2017

A short drive about

We decided that because it was so hot today, 31 C, that we would go for a drive in the Jeep and see the country south of us around Port O'Conner.  Port O'Conner is only about 10 miles straight south of us but you have to drive almost 30 miles to get there.  It is a marine town so we checked out the harbours.  Found this old boat.

I have heard that they recycle oyster shells so I imagine that is where this pile is destined.  

Headed down to the road to the town of Seadrift and checked out their harbour.  Looks like there was some damage to some old boats, and they were busy lifting them out of the water.

a crane on a barge for lifting
We drove by the city park and noticed a sign that I had to take a picture of.  That is one way to keep the vagrants out of the park after dark!!!

We headed home and spent the rest of the day sitting in the sun and playing with the dogs.  Our neighbours Brian and Gloria have a great dog named Luke.  He and Charlie play together and beg together.  Sue is giving them both a treat while Gloria looks on.

Here is our view from the window tonight.  You guessed it, more boats.

Location tonight:  Boon Docking at Magnolia Beach Texas

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  1. My brother-in-law isn't afraid of alligators. That is a family joke between us. :) You find lovely boon-docking spots. Great job, Sue!


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