Sunday 19 November 2017

Attending Church

I always appreciated a little country church and say to myself that I must attend one down here.  It seems like we don't make the time for church anymore and I thought I would check one out this morning.  The Indianola First Baptist Church is just down the road from us and morning service is at 11.  What a friendly bunch of people.  The pastors wife played the guitar and led the singing. The pastor gave a message on caring, which challenged us to consider how much we care about others. I really enjoyed the fellowship, and if we are here next Sunday, will consider attending again.

Because of the wind, today was less than fitting to sit around outside.  We spent a lot of the day indoors but managed to catch a couple of ships going by.

We had some new neighbours, Karen and Warren from Michigan move in beside us.  Karen mentioned that she was going to have a fire tonight so I went and got some wood to help her out.  After supper we all sat around the fire for a while.  Leonard from up the way joined us as well.  Dave and Joanne showed up about the time we were frozen enough to head home so we left our chairs for them and headed home.

Our view out the window tonight was the nice bonfire.

Our Location tonight:  Magnolia Beach Texas   Boondocking

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  1. The last time we were down in that area, it was too windy for us. If you guys are still there towards the end of December, we'll make a special effort to meet up... but otherwise we'll stay inland!


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