Friday 10 November 2017

Gone Fishing

Today seemed to be ship day.  I never counted but I'm sure we saw over a dozen ships come and go down the seaway out front of the Ponderosa.  I know everyone is bored with the ships, but remember I am a prairie boy, and this is a real treat for me.

There was also a big work barge hauling what may have been a dredging pipe out to a work site.  The whole tow was over a quarter mile long.

I spent some time this afternoon with our neighbour Brian, watching him fish.  He has the back end of his trailer rigged up to hold his fishing rods.  In Texas, as long as you buy a license, and don't go over you catch limit, you can use as many rods as you want.  Brian normally fishes with two, but had three out for a while today.  I know it looks cold, but it was around 16C, but the wind was brisk which necessitated the hoodie and long pants.

While I was over there we heard his rod holder give a crack and his rod bent way over.  There was something big on that line.  He had to pull really pull on his rod to reel it in.

After a bit of a battle he landed a nice Red Drum.

This one is definitely a keeper.  I'm glad I got to see him catch it.

After all the excitement was over I looked over at their dog Luke, who was already back in his chair ready to resume his sleep, and thought, maybe I should go for a quick nap, so I did.

Nothing much exciting happened after that so I will leave you with our view tonight.

Location tonight:  Boon docking Magnolia Beach Texas

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  1. Wow, that is definitely a keeper! Is he going to share any of it with you? :-)


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