Tuesday 28 November 2017

The small stuff 😎

This is Sue writing this, and it is my first attempt at doing my own blog post. I thought that maybe once in while I would try and give Lorne's brain a break from thinking of things for the blog. I do not proclaim to be a writer so please be kind..😜

Lorne and Charlie went off to do their thing this morning and I began to do a few projects I have been waiting to do for weeks now. One is to make low carb crackers for snacking, and the other was to make beef jerky, which by the way Karalee (our baby, 24) and I LOVE !!!!

I have been trying to stay away from grains, starches, sugars, pasta etc...basically low carb and high fat. I’ve managed to lose a bit of weight and reduce some of my medications. It’s a bit of an adjustment but I feel better and have more energy when I don’t eat those things. Sugar is sooooo bad...in any form ...

So I made these low carb flaxseed crackers this morning and had some for lunch...quite tasty...I’ll make them again. I also made a delicious onion cracker which you can see in the dehydrator below. Because I had to cut my time in the dehydrator short so a certain person would get off my case, I had to finish them in the oven. The onion crackers were amazing and we are very close to having to make a new batch.

Does anyone know how to keep parchment paper from sticking to your food..thought that’s what it was for -no sticking?-   Hmmmmm. Any hints would be great.

I bought a dehydrator, for making jerky and other snacks. I guess I’m only going to be able to use it when we are plugged in because it uses too much power. 36.2 in and 34.7 out, not acceptable says Lorne. I even purchased one with the lowest Watts I could find. Oh well...drawback of living in an RV with solar..there’s not many 😜

You can purchase this dehydrator from Amazon by following this link 😍

 As I was baking etc,  I noticed that outside there were a couple guys searching the beach and shoreline for something. I just assumed they were looking for shells, sea glass etc. They were in front of our RV for quite some time. In about an hour they had searched about 500 feet of beach. It was pretty intense. I finally got so curious that I had to go ask.

Hey, how’s it going? Fine Ma’am, how bout you?  I’m great thanks. You searching for treasures?  Yes ma’am. Whatcha findin? We be lookin for coral Ma’am. Oh really? I don’t even know what a piece of coral looks like. Well, just look here Ma’am, I have a few pieces I’ve found already. Wow, these are so pretty. Do you make jewelry out of them? No Ma’am I just collect them. It’s very relaxing  to me to search for coral. Sweet..I guess I’ll have to try it. Well Ma’am how’s about I give you a piece so you know what your lookin for? Thank you so much...there’s all kinds of it to find once your eyes are trained and you’ve learned to be patient. Such a nice encounter with two local gentleman.

After our encounter I made Lorne and I some lunch. Then ventured out to find some coral. In half an hour I found the following little pieces. You know it’s coral if the holes are star like. I was excited when I found this first one.

The view from MY window tonight, which is the opposite of what Lorne see's:

Our Location tonight:  Magnolia Beach Texas   Boondocking


  1. Sue, Interesting information about the coral I never thought about it being on the beach and it is beautiful.
    I have been trying to eat Keto, (high fat, low carb) for a few months. You may know about this group on facebook but just in case you do not it is called: Low Carb Journey (Cooking Keto with Kristie), which does have some good information on it. Plus, this Kristie Huneycutt Sullivan does have several recipes on YouTube. Including Pumpkin Cheesecake which I made for Thanksgiving...I will now be in search for the cracker recipes...:) It would be nice to have something to put cheese on during Happy Hour.

    Celebrating the Dance

  2. Nice job on the blog today Sue! I have always wanted to get a food dehydrator but I guess if it uses too much power I might as well save my money.

    Love the coral, it does look pretty with the star like holes.

    I think you have a pretty good view out your window, especially if you get to see all the sunsets. :-)


  3. Great blog Sue! Interesting info about the coral, you picked up some pretty pieces :-)


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