Tuesday 21 November 2017

How much fun is having a baby!!!

Today was another milestone in our lives as grandparents.  Grand baby #7 arrived shortly before 7 pm tonight.  She is a happy healthy baby girl and her name is Emma Laurie Green.  We have known for a long time that she was a girl and that her name would be Emma, but we didn't know when she would arrive.  I may be biased but I think she is beautiful.  Derek and Nicole now have 3 children here on earth and one special angel Clayton, who is in heaven watching over all of these happenings.

Emma, Mom, Dad
Nana and auntie Kathrine showing Emma to Abby and Silas
It was amazing to go through all of this process with the help of modern technology.  Last night we got a group text from Nicole that she was in labour and they were on their way to the hospital in Brandon.  That is an hours drive from their house with a little speeding.  This was at 6:06 pm that she said they were half way there.   We chatted via text for a while until they arrived at the hospital and then there was a silence......... but only for about 20 minutes and then a text arrives that says....SHES HERE!!!!   She was born at 6:57 pm I believe.  Now that is cutting it close!!!  Derek and Nicole do not believe in allowing any spare time to have babies.  Thanks for keeping all of us who were not there, in the loop.  It was fun to be with you guys.  Here are the proud Nana and Papa (Nicoles parents) showing off Emma.  Wish we could have been there too but we were in a way!!!!

Gerry and Christie look a bit proud.
Back to earlier in the day we went to town and some of the boring stuff we did.  I stopped by a hairdressing shop that our friend Norma had recommended to get a haircut.  If your ever in Port Lavaca and need your hair done, these girls will do it up fast.

We then moved down the street to the Calhoun County Museum.  They have a nice little history of the area that I won't bore you with.  Every community has such a varied and interesting history.

For our daughters here I am in a phone booth.  Sue said something about Tardis, but I have no idea what she is talking about.

Shouldn't it be blue?
By the time we got home it was baby time and the rest of the evening was spent talking about that and talking with our kids.

The view out our window tonight.

Our Location tonight:  Magnolia Beach Texas  Boondocking


  1. Congratulations, she is a cutie!

  2. Congratulations Gramma and Grampa! Emma is adorable, love their grumpy faces. We can just imagine what their little brains are thinking! :)
    Glad you got your hair 'dressed' Lorne, it was looking a bit shaggy around the ears.

  3. You are right, they all look grumpy when they are born. Its funny when you look at them in a month or so you go..boy did she change. I love getting haircuts in strange places. This was kinda a normal place though. Do they still call them hairdressers? She was cute as a button, but didn't know a lick of english. lol

  4. I always wonder what to call them too. Dressers/stylists or barbers. :)


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