Tuesday 7 November 2017

A nice day on the beach

Well today was another gorgeous day.  The only drawback is the humidity but it comes and goes.  It will go down to 70% and back up to 90% a half dozen times a day.  We are actually getting used to it.  There is always one thing that is the same every morning.  A set of eyes looking at me saying "Lets go for a walk".  Today was no different so we started out with a walk on the beach.

There is the Ponderosa back there waiting for our return.  I still marvel at the spot we have.

Along the way we stopped by the showers to get a drink and there was a real weird bug there.  It was about 2 inches long.  Anyone know what it is?  I didn't bother it just in case.

When we got back, Charlies friend Luke joined him for the "Got any treats stare down."  Of course we have treats.  When they are done with us, they head over to Lukes trailer to see if Gloria or Brian will give them a treat as well.

Today was check the battery acid level day.  I like to check them every month if I can, because I have them set to equalize once a month.  When they equalize, they are charged at a higher rate than normal so tend to boil out some acid.  Along with normal evaporation the four batteries do go down about 1/2 a liter every month.  Our friends Pat and Harold have those water saver things on their batteries which seem to work well.  They are expensive to buy though.  You can get them from Amazon and don't forget to go through our link at the top of this page.

After all that work it was time to kick back and relax.  The weather says the next few days might not be so nice, so we need to catch the rays while we can.

While we were sitting there we heard a familiar sound.  The honking of a flock of snow geese heading south.  Last time we saw those they were in the lake in Manitoba getting a drink on their way south.

The evening was gorgeous with a really nice moon.  Sue always gets a couple shots for me because I am not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination.

Most of you will remember our grandson Clayton who we lost to SUDS a couple years ago.  He was a precious little soul who we will never forget.  A little story about Clayton to go with the view tonight.  We have a wind chime  inside the Ponderosa near where we walk.  You can see it there in our window tonight.  We call it the Clayton wind chime.  Every time we walk by and touch it, or if a breeze blows, it tinkles.  We always stop and say something like "Ok Clayton, we hear you", or "hey Clayton" and smile.  What a great little reminder of a boy who always had a twinkle in his eye.  We like to think God needed another star and he chose him to twinkle down on us and tinkle our chime now and again. 

Here is the view from our window tonight with the Clayton chime in it.

Location tonight:  Boon Docking at Magnolia Beach Texas

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