Wednesday 22 November 2017

Galveston scouting trip

The winds were a bit nasty this morning and the temperature was around 10C so we decided it might be a good day to head up to the Galveston area to check out the boondocking on the beach for future reference.  This time of year is a wee bit cool in that area for us with day time highs around 20C instead of the 24C we are experiencing here. (with the exception of the odd storm rolling through dropping the temps a bit).  We headed up highway 35 and then down to Freeport TX where we met up with the beach again.

By the time we got up the beach a bit it was lunch time.  We had a great lunch at a little seaside restaurant. 

A little further down the road we saw some kites flying and there were some 3 wheel buggies being propelled by sails and kites.  It was fun to watch them but I didn't get any pictures of the buggies.

There are some really unique houses down in this country.  Lots are up on stilts to get away from any surges from the storms.  This little house caught my eye as being the most unique for this trip.

When we got to Galveston we drove down by the beach and I got a quick shot of the midway out on the pier.  With all the strange roads and twists and turns, one doesn't want to be taking pictures and running off the road.

Now you remember Pete the Pelican from Mondays post?  He was the King of the Bridge that day.  Well he has taken a liking to us and was out in our yard this morning before we left.  Sue got a nice picture of him by our worm.

Well last night when we got home it was quite dark outside the Ponderosa.  We headed to the door with our hands full and Sue says, what is this by the door?  She tried to move it and there was a great kerfluffle and there was Pete, sitting on our door mat waiting for us to get home.  He even spent the rest of the night there.

Picture of Pete looking down from our doorway.
Sue took some pictures the other day of other Pelicans and a Blue Heron fishing.  The Pelicans fly along the water so gracefully until they see a school of small fish then kersplash.  They dive right in the water and get one.

Mr. Blue Heron just sits on the shore and waits for one of the fishermen to leave their bait unattended.  Then he just walks up and steals it.

We call him Stanley because of the way his neck makes an S and because he walks just like a Stanley we know back home that shuffles along.

The view from our window today.

Our Location tonight:  Magnolia Beach Texas  Boondocking


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