Friday 3 November 2017

And the Neighbours arrived

It was 29 C today again with 86% humidity.  We are getting acclimatized real fast.  Shorts and sandals are the dress code around here for sure.  We came here to get warm and that's what is happening.  It is 10 pm when I write this, and it is still 24 C.

Once again this morning we woke up to the Oyster Boat Dance.  I could sit and watch them for hours.  Today they were really close to shore right beside the Ponderosa.  It is so incredible watching 40 boats going in circles just feet away from other boats.  They did this for 6 hours today before they headed back in with boats full of bagged oysters.

For the most part this is a dog friendly beach.  Everyone is respectful of others but once the dogs who are close by are introduced to all the other dogs in the neighbourhood, everyone just lets them run.  They are all made to stay close to home and all poops are promptly picked up, so it makes for a nice environment.  There is no barking because all the dogs are relaxed.   There were a couple out swimming this morning.  Charlie will go get his legs wet, but so far that is all he will do.

Today was a boat watching day, and a short trip to Walmart in Port Lavaca for supplies.  When we got back the sun was going down and was very pretty as usual.

After supper Sue got out the TV projector I bought her for Christmas last year.  She has been soooo excited to try it since I got it for her about 290 days ago. lol.   Anyhow the silly thing seems to work pretty good.  It is recommended for up to a 55 inch display but it is still fairly clear at about 8 feet square.  It reminds me of doing the old drive in movies.  We watched an episode of Walking Dead in the dark on some strange beach.  Kinda spooky!!!!!!

Oh and I think I mentioned yesterday that I though we may get some neighbours.  Now for our friends Patsy and Bill, this is what you call close neighbours.  We were NOT even nearly this close.  Good thing these are nice people and I think we will get along fine.  If not we have wheels. lol.  It seems like at Magnolia, everyone gets real cozy and we don't really mind that right Patsy??  Here's the view out our window tonight.


  1. Looks like you are enjoying you time there , loving the warm weather.

  2. You two certainly have put the miles behind you to end up with one beautiful view out your window. Right now, being stuck in the north, we are just a little envious...okay a lot (Even if the neighbors are close...:)

    Celebrating the Dance

    1. We had to go hard because the cold seemed to keep following us. There was a 3 day cold window on the weather map that just kept moving south as we traveled south. We couldn't seem to shake it. Well its hot here now so we have let bygones be bygones. Hope you get to enjoy some warmth soon.

  3. Well Lorne had we known it was you at the time we made the comment, it would have been different. We will just have to meet up this year and get cozier. Some dueling drone action is in order.

  4. Oh Lorne, you kill me. I love it!
    Looks like another nice spot you have found and good thing these neighbours are nicer than the ones in Borrego Springs! ha ha They probably won't write about you! :)
    We don't really mind 'cozy', here at Pahrump we have no choice although our neighbours are never outside long enough to speak to.
    Enjoy your time there in shorts and sandals. I LOVE this weather!!!

  5. Sorry I couldn't resist the opportunity to mention our meeting. lol Looking forward to our paths crossing again.

  6. Looks like a beautiful place to stay!


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