Thursday 2 November 2017

There is a reason we have a home with wheels

We woke up this morning with no where to go.  What a nice feeling.  I checked the solar monitor and we are getting some good sun.  Shouldn't take long to charge up those batteries.  We are putting about 28 amps in the batteries with the panels laying flat.  I won't bother tilting them unless we are not charging our batteries properly but at this rate we will be fine the way they are.  We are so glad we went with solar.  It is just so easy after its installed.  Just sit back and watch your batteries fill up.

When I got out of bed and looked out our window I could see all the oyster boats out doing their fishing dance.  To catch oysters they go in circles dragging a rake and net.  It is like a dance because they are so close to one another.

We took a little drive up the beach to check out some of the damage from hurricane Harvey.  Most of the damage to houses has been fixed already, and now they are repairing out buildings and docks etc.

On our way back to the Ponderosa we noticed that the area on the east end of the beach has no one parked on it.  Last year when we were here there was quite a gathering there and no room for us.  We decided we would move the Ponderosa down there because there is actually a nicer view and the sand is nicer.  So we packed up and moved.   We can do that because we have wheels.

I'm sure we will attract some neighbours soon, but for now we are the King and Queen of the East beach.  There are lots of ships coming and going down this channel so I will let you look out our window at a small one tonight.

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