Tuesday 14 November 2017


We are really starting to enjoy Magnolia Beach.  We have good neighbours and because they have been here often they know a lot of local folk, who drop in from time to time.  We love meeting the locals. Today was no different when Tom and Norma dropped by with all their fishing gear to spend some time with all of us.  Sometimes we feel guilty just sitting around on the beach, but soon the feeling passes and we settle in.  Cheryl dropped by as well to share a story or two.

We saw an interesting rig go by on the ocean today.   I think it is an actual oil drilling rig, but Brian mentioned that it might be a sucking dredge for cleaning out the channel.  Every day something interesting passes by us on the ocean and today was no exception.

There is a very tame pelican on the beach that we have heard about.  They call him Pete!  He flies around and hangs out with people on the beach.  Today as we were sitting there, along it came and landed right in front of me and settled in for a while.  He wasn't even afraid of Luke or Charlie and just hissed at them.

Brian went over and scratched his neck which he seemed to like.  He must be an old bird but the only thing we could see wrong with him was a bit of a bum foot.

We spent most of the day sitting on the beach watching the fishing rods, as you can see by the length of the shadows.

Just before sunset we saw this big ship coming along.  He was heading into port to take on a load of whatever they haul.

It was obvious that he was moving fairly fast because you could see lots of whitewater on his wake out behind.  I mentioned that we should keep an eye on that because it might come up over the sand where we are.

Well Brian got to telling us a story and the girls just kept on chatting over where they were and we forgot all about the ship  as we sat in our chairs.  All of a sudden the wave crashed on shore and the water came rushing up over the sand about a foot deep.  It even caught Norma off guard as she was reeling in her fishing line. You can see the wave going down the beach in this picture after washing us out.

We scrambled quick to grab whatever we could that shouldn't be wet and then started to laugh.  It was a humorous ending to our perfect day.  I think the ships do this on purpose sometimes when they see a bunch of people on shore, and I'm sure they are up in the wheel house with their binoculars watching to see what happens.

The water came so high it even got my beach chair wet.

The view out our window tonight was taken just minutes before the big splash.  We enjoyed our laughs today.

Our Location Tonight: Boondocking Magnolia Beach Texas

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  1. It looks like a wonderful spot to just sit back and relax even with the "splash". Nothing like a little excitement to end the day.


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