Wednesday 8 November 2017

Into everyone's life a little rain must fall

Woke up to a windy angry sea this morning.  Although there is land between us and the ocean, the waves were still showing whitecaps.  It wasn't that cold, just windy.  Actually the coolness of the day was quite welcome after the heat we have had.  Definitely not a shorts kid of day though.

We have a little dragon that we put in the sand as a conversation piece.  Its fun to watch people sneak up to take a look.  I will take a close up another day.

Because it was a windy day, indoor projects were on the list for today.  We had to defrost the fridge because with all this humidity, the frost builds up real quick.  We also noticed that the fridge has not been cooling real well in the last couple days.  I googled the problem and they said there was a switch that if left on would activate a heat ring around the door that deals with condensation which would form there in high humidity situations.  Guess what?  We have high humidity.  This heat ring not only uses battery power, but creates heat which transfers to the inside of the fridge.  They said to turn it the switch off and the problem should go away.  Here's hoping!!

I turned it off
When Charlie and I were out for a walk I found a dead Monarch Butterfly on the beach.  I guess the migration has made it this far.  I haven't observed any live ones around here though.

The inside project for today was to put the floor in the living room back together.  If you remember last year we chased a water leak down and had to rip up some flooring to do it.  We have watched it for a long time and there is no leak there any more.   It is long past the time to put it back together.  Sue is very long suffering.


I still need to install a joiner strip between the two floors, but maybe that will wait until next year.  Ha Ha.

Saw this today and thought it was pretty much what we believe.  We have witnessed a few and are so thankful we are getting the opportunity to witness more!!

Here is the view from our window tonight.  A little blurred from the rain but if you look carefully the dragon is breathing fire.

Location tonight:  Boon Docking at Magnolia Beach Texas


  1. Cute dragon.
    Taking the time to watch a sunset, even if it is not on the beach, there is something magical in the moment. Thank you for the reminder.

    1. Sunrises and sunsets are sometimes spectacular. When you get as old as me you appreciate the fact that you are around for another sunrise. Ha Ha.

  2. Love the dragon especially since he breathes fire!
    Love your quote about sunsets, I feel I've missed something when I don't see one no matter where I am.
    The floor looks nice, great job Lorne and great patience Sue, you are a saint!

  3. This is the post i found when searching for a meme for "into every life a little rain must fall" then i started reading more since you were in TEXAS at the BEACH in an area that i, too, nJOY❣

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment. I enjoy knowing that people are reading


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