Thursday 9 November 2017

Will he be famous?

Maybe, just maybe in 10 or 12 years you will be watching a hockey game on TV and the announcer will say, "And its on to the stick of  #16 Donovan Larson,  he shoots, he scores to win the Stanley Cup!!!!".   Well Grandpa's are allowed to dream.  And if it happens, I will be the first one to say "I told you so".  Donovan is the only hockey player in our family so far, so all of our hopes and dreams are on him.  You go Donovan.  We are proud of you.  Maybe we will make it back to Alberta before the ice melts and we can see one of your games.

Charlie and I went for the normal walk on the beach this morning and I was disgusted to see someone had buried some shopping bags in the sand.  Now the way they were buried it may have been for a reason so I left it alone.  I will check again tomorrow and if they are still there I will pick them up.

After our walk Sue said we had to head into Victoria.  We loaded up the laundry and away we went.  When we got up the road about 15 miles, Sue looked at me and said "Why are we going to Victoria. We really don't have to go."   Well that was a little late to be saying that.  So I was firm in saying "You wanted to go, so we are going!!"   So off we headed.  The first thing we did was pick up Sues newest gadget, Amazons Alexa echo plus.  Have you ever heard of it.  Dave and Julie Darby introduced us to it at their place and we thought it was great.  Its sort of like Siri on your Iphone only smarter and it is for use in your house.  You can set it up to turn on lights or set the thermostat or lots of things.  You can ask it things and it will give you a full explanation.  You can order it from Amazon but remember to use the link at the top of this page.  We will get a little commission if you do.

Also as a little advertising for our friends Dave and Julie Darby, you can ask Alexa to go to Love Guru and she will take you to their Lifemapp site.  If you don't have Alexa, go to their Lifemapp web site to tour around.  You can get some neat life and marriage tips from there and if you like it, you can sign up for a membership.  They have been helping people for years with all sorts of life difficulties.  We are proud to call them our friends.

When we got to the mall, Christmas was already starting to take shape.  It is only 46 days until Christmas!!   (You didn't really want to know that did you?)  There was even a big sign to remind you that it is getting closer.

While Sue was shopping I was gawking and I saw a lady who I thought may have over dressed a little bit.  The temperature was 15C today!!  But when I started looking around a lot of people had big jackets on, and even one guy had a work type snow suit and toque on.  I didn't get his picture.  Sue and I were in T shirts, but we did have blue jeans on.

After some wandering I settled down with a coffee from a little coffee shop that was in no way shape or form like Tim Hortons.  It didn't even taste like coffee but it was hot.

After coffee I went to Home Depot to get some wood to do a couple projects around the Ponderosa.  I noticed a shed which I thought was rather unique.  Sue and I have been researching "little houses" and this would fit in that category.  It is only 16 x 16 and sells for 13000 USD.  Nothing is finished inside though so that would be an added expense.  Maybe one day.

As we were heading out of town we noticed a line up of cars heading somewhere.  There were over 30 cars in the drive thru lineup for Chick-a-filet.  I'm not sure what the deal was or if there was a special on but it better be good to sit in line that long.  Sorry its not a good picture.

By the time we got home it was past supper time so we unloaded the car in anticipation of a quick supper and a relaxing evening.  Guess what was still in the back of the Jeep???  Remember I said we were going to do laundry?  uhuh.  It didn't happen.  Completely forgot.  Oh well, now we have something to do tomorrow!!!   Here is what we saw out our window tonight.

Location tonightMagnolia Beach Texas


  1. Nothing wrong with hoping and dreaming, that sure would be amazing, we have 4 grandsons that are well into hockey and one grand daughter. We hope the same things as well.

  2. Oh you guys thats too funny!! you will have to get Alexa to remind you. :)

  3. Good luck with your dreams! You just never know!
    Usually when one of us forgets, the other one remembers. This cracked me up but I'm so glad we're not the only ones to do silly things!


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