Monday, 16 March 2020

Where did they Go?

WHERE ARE WE? Romantic Escapes RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? Guadalajara, Mexico April 1, 2020

I was sent down town today to stock up on some essentials in case we need them.  We are certainly going to be in good shape if we have to isolate for a few days.  Here was the list Sue sent me!!

It will soon be time to get the Ponderosa ready to hit the road for the trip back home.  One of the things that it needs is a new expansion tank for the antifreeze overflow.  The old ones get old and brittle and break.  If you remember back a while ago when I got the oil changed, the Mexican gentleman told me he would get me a new one Manana.  Well quite a few Manana's have come and gone and it is time for me to do a Mexican fix.  What do you think???  I'm sure it will get us home!!

Our friends Steve and Julie will be heading north tomorrow so we had them and Don and Jose over for supper tonight.  We had a great time laughing and giggling, even if it was at my expense sometimes!!!  Don and Josie are not leaving for a while but we wished everyone safe travels and good health for the trip.  Before you know it they all left and I hadn't even taken a picture.  Well here is where they were for a while tonight while we had supper.  Just picture all of us sitting around the table.

Steve and Julie are hunkered down in a local hotel for the night.  No Air Conditioning, no soap, half a roll of toilet paper and definitely a spring mattress.  It is clean though.  Hope you sleep well.  I bet they will get an early start in the morning!!!


  1. One question... why would you only get a small bottle of vodka?!

  2. Just caught up on what you have been up to. Just want say in my opinion what you and Sue decide to do as far as traveling with this whole coronavirus situation is the right one for you. That is all any of us can do access our situation and make decisions that we feel is right for us. What you had to say made a lot of sense and if they do close borders I would think there will be provisions to get citizens back in their respective countries. Tom and I have talked a lot about this along with friends and the missing element in so much of what is going on seems to be common sense. Keep enjoying your time in the beautiful place you are calling home for the present. Stay safe.

  3. Glad to see you are still having a good time. Things are starting to warm up here and will hopefully be smooth sailing on your way north!

  4. Like the grocery list. I'm sure we're short of those critical items here in the states. Safe travels.

  5. I have to admit I broke down and bought a big bottle. It was like 5 bucks Cnd. I will donate the leftovers to somebody when we leave.

  6. Good for you getting the bigger bottle. LOL
    We are all making the right decisions for us. My sister and hubby left Mexico on Wednesday with a 45 minute crossing. They are still in the US, needing to get their tires replaced. Blew a front one with some damage after entering the state. Bummer. Be safe and stay healthy!


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