Friday 8 March 2024

A Repeat Crocodile Tour

WHERE ARE WE? Numero UNO RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

Today was a repeat tour of the Jungle Tour.  This is the fourth time we have been here to see the crocodiles.  This time we went with Karl and Susie and Ivan and Nova.  Grace and Max came with us.  The trip takes a little over an hour one way so we stopped half way to let the kids switch off.  They like to ride in the Jeep with the wind in their hair.

We got there before noon and got all loaded into a boat that would take us up to the restaurant and swimming pool.

There were not a lot of crocs out today, nor were there many birds or turtles.  We did see one huge one in the water and the ones on land were quite small.  They were crocs none the less.

After about a 40 minute boat ride up the river, we arrived at the swimming area.  We ordered some lunch right away because they tend to be slow.  The water in the pool is about 20 feet deep and clear as anything.  There are lots of fish swimming around too.  They have a chicken wire fence to keep the crocs out!!  Yah right!!

When we got back to the parking lot, a lady had a baby gator that the kids could hold and get their picture taken.   Of course we got one.

After all the excitement we got all loaded up and then stopped just up the road for banana loaf and muffins.  They make the best up here.

Back home and it was nice to see that Drew and Lena had arrived.  We met them last year and they spent some time in the park with us.  We will have fun with them and Willie the dog around.

We were all wore out so it was time for supper and then some quiet time.

And a sunset.  Good Nite!!


  1. Sure is great to be here. and seeing y’all is the best

  2. Wow, you folks are quite busy. Loved the chicken wire idea to keep out the gators. Lol



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