Monday 11 March 2024

Puerto Vallarta to Calgary

WHERE ARE WE? Holiday Inn Express, Calgary Alberta

We headed into PV this morning to catch a flight from PV to Calgary later this afternoon.  You can never tell how congested the roads might be, so we always leave lots of time.  Also, Kenia and Sue are going shopping in Costco after they drop us off and they want to be home before dark.  We got to the airport in jig time with no delays at all.  The question was, can Grampa Lorne get these kids safely back to their parents without incident.  Stay tuned!  Kenia and Sue said their goodbye's and we were off.

We were whisked through security in about 5 minutes total and the first words out of Max's mouth were, "I'm hungry"!!  Well airport food is not cheap in Mexico and especially if it is imported from Kentucky Fried Chicken. We did some chicken thingies which filled the void.

Kenia and Sue sent us verification of their Costco shopping trip!!

Here is our flight route and times.  We will arrive late in Calgary it seems.  We spent some time looking at planes because we had lots of time to kill.

Finally on board and off we go into the wild blue yonder.  Yup I still have 2 kids with me.  

We got to see a little different sunset tonight somewhere over Wyoming.  Grace was catching up on her journal as well.  It is part of her homework to write about her trip.

Our first look at Calgary lights as we hit the runway.  Made the first leg of the journey!!

Good to be back in the land of the carbon tax.  Is that guy still around?  Oh well, its good to be back on Canadian soil.

It was 8C in Calgary so we didn't mind waiting for the shuttle bus.  We kind of got on the wrong one first and went for a little tour around the north side of the airport and had to go back to the airport to find the right bus. Of course the kids were loudly announcing to everyone that we were on the wrong bus!!  I spent the time cringing in the corner.  If ever the kids were going to go missing, right now would have been a good time!!! lol

It was about 11:30 when we got into our room and of course everyone was hungry again!!  So I ordered a Denny's sampler which we devoured in no time.  It took those poor kids about 2 minutes to fall asleep when we were done eating.   They are about the best little travelers ever.  We will get some shut eye an do leg 2 of our journey tomorrow!!  Good Nite!!


  1. Fun trip for the kids. Bet they had a great time.

  2. Did both kids have school work with them?

  3. I had no doubt you could get them there safely.



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