Monday 4 March 2024

Movie Day for the Kids

WHERE ARE WE? Numero UNO RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

We now have a built in craft room under the awning.  What a great place for the kids to hang out.  Nova loves to spend time with Grace there.  They paint and do glass beads and clay and all sorts of things.  Today they made little snowmen and gave them to all the guests here in the park.

One thing down here is that we use butane instead of propane.  It takes a bit of getting used to because butane doesn't burn as hot as propane.  You can see the yellow of the flame as compared to the blue flame we are used to.  Another thing is that we have to make sure we use up the butane in warm weather, because it won't work well at temperatures below freezing.  I get around this by using a 20 lb. separate bottle down here rather than the onboard tank, which I keep only propane in.  We only use the gas for cooking when we are here.  

Susan decided to do a movie night tonight for the kids.  We brought our big movie screen down with us and Kenia has had it down at the Cafecito, so I had to go down to get it.  I headed out on my bike.  I noticed that there is 150 kms on it so far.  

I managed to get it all loaded up and made it all the way home with it on the back.  

We got it all unfolded and in place.

Just add air!!!

Next was mounting the screen on it.  The whole set up is very simple and it ends up being a fairly large screen.  The kids love it.

As usual, we headed out to watch the sunset.  It is almost noticeable how much the sun moves across the water each day.  

Our little fishing encampment next door always takes time to watch the sunset each day.  The rest of the day they do a bit of fishing, collect things, and smoke a bit of Mexican laughing tobacco.  They are the best neighbours in the world to have because they tell everyone to leave us alone I think.  We like them anyways.

After it got dark enough, the movie began.  I have no idea what the name was, but everyone seemed to enjoy it.  It was soon time for bed.  Good Nite!


  1. We enjoyed the big screen in Q. It is a fabulous piece of technology. I like the sunset, very telling isn’t it. Our sunrise has moved behind the V in the mountains now. Soon time to pack it up here too.


  2. I think that movie screen was the most original thing I've seen this winter. I love it! Even Archie is enjoying it. :) The sand looks so inviting as long as it stays out of the trailer. ha ha, kidding, I love it.

  3. I've never seen one of those big screens. That is great! It looks like the kids are still having fun.


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