Sunday 3 March 2024

The Early Bird gets the Worm (birria)

WHERE ARE WE? Numero UNO RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

Sunday rolled around again and it was a beautiful morning to boot.  Max and I took Archie for his morning walk on the beach.  Archie has like a little trap line that he explores every day, and some beach dogs that he greets along the way.  He always checks out the estuary for any tasty tidbits floating on the edge. Sometimes they give him a belly ache, but he still hasn't learned.  Oh well, he is a happy puppy.

Archie up by the wall

After the walk, I got busy and mounted a pillow on the back bike rack so he can ride with me when I go on some errands.

Then we fitted the helmet and off we went to Abuela's house for birria.  She always does birria on Sundays.

Abuela serves birria (which is a beef based stew of sorts) from 7 am until its gone.  Well I would not think that beef stew would be a popular breakfast item, but when we got there at 10 am, she was sold out.  So we settled for a cheese Quesadilla!! We will try earlier next Sunday!!

Well the kids have been here for almost a week now and it is starting to show.  There is stuff everywhere.  Crafts and toys and cloths and anything that Gramma can think of to haul out, is laying everywhere.  I just say a silent prayer for my sanity and carry on.  

Sue made a nice roast in the insta pot along with carrots and potatoes with the intentions of inviting Ken and Rhonda to join us.  It came out absolutely perfect and the chatter was great.

After supper we played some games for a while.  The kids had their supper before us and went off to watch a movie in the motorhome so we could have some big kid time.

Yes we had a sunset tonight.  If you notice, the sun has rolled off the hill and into the ocean.  Now we will watch it move across the ocean until it gets to the island.  Then we will know it is time to head home.  Good Nite!


  1. I’m not sure I could handle the mess. lol. I would be tripping over things. I like the add on seat, very cute.


  2. Some time I hope you share where Abuela's birria can be found:)


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