Tuesday 5 March 2024

Lunch With Kenia

WHERE ARE WE? Numero UNO RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

Kenia invited us to join here for lunch at her house.  She has such a pretty little house in La Colonia, which is a small Pueblo north of La Penita.  We loaded up the kids and headed down there about 11 am and still managed to catch Kenia still in bed.  She loves to stay up late and sleep in each morning.  She set about cooking us up a great big meal of chicken burgers, french fries and a chicken salad.   It was very good.  Abuela and her mom and sister came and brought Katherine too.  

The kids spent a bit of time in Kenia's pool, but the big hit was being able to go up on the roof and wander around.  Totally different from what they would do at home.

I even went on the roof for a Jeep picture

The kids all love Kenia and she loves to tickle them and tease them.

We stayed until about 4 when Kenia had to start to get ready for work.  On the way home we dropped by the laundry and grabbed our bag of laundry.  It was almost too big for Max to handle.

The kids were in luck because Ivan and Nova were just heading out to the ocean with their families, and they were asked to join them.  They love the ocean because they get knocked about pretty good out there.

Our perfect day sort of wound down with Brian and Max having a heart to heart talk about something. Good Nite!!


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